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45 ear protection SOFTIES FOAM EAR PLUGS Made of extra-soft, extra light foam, NRR: 33dB !! o Radiant orange color for easy compliance checks !! o Extra-soft, low pressure foam for comfort and fit !! o Shape to fit even very small ear canals !! o 200/Box PRODUCT NO. PRICE 6876600 .19 JAZZ BAND HEARING PROTECTOR Now has a higher NRR 25 with 50 percent less band pressure !! o Extra-soft tapered foam pods gently conform to the ear canal !! o Hangs easily down around the user's neck with optional breakaway neck cord !! o 1 pair, plus spare pods PRODUCT NO. PRICE 6876506 $8.39 METEORS PLUGSTATION 500 pairs per dispenser !! o 100% PVC-Free !! o Highest independently tested NRR 33dB !! o Soft, slow recovery foam and contoured shape !! o The contours follow the shape of the ear canal which means less pressure at the smallest diameter of the earplug !! o Meteors innovative undercut design affords a secure fit, all day long !! o Regular size Meteor included PRODUCT NO. PRICE 6876875 $93.99 UNCORDED EARPLUGS 3M E-A-R Classic Uncorded earplugs, hearing conservation in pillow pack 310-1001 !! o Reusable Pillow Pack helps keep earplugs clean when they are not being worn. !! o Slow-recovery earplug foam is flame-resistant and moisture-resistant !! o Test compatible with 3M E-A-Rfit Validation System !! o Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)* 29 dB. CSA Class AL !! o 2000/box PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1933101001 .39 FOAM EAR PLUGS Recommended for high noise situations !! o Tapered shape !! o Smooth, dirt-resistant surface !! o Hypoallergenic material !! o NRR: 29 dB SPARKPLUGS PLUGSTATION Easy access to hearing protection !! o High visibility helps increase compliance !! o Eliminates the mess of individually bagged packaging because ear plugs drop right into the palm of your hand !! o Each dispenser is sealed and disposable !! o NRR: 33dB !! o 250 pairs of Sparkplugs uncorded earplugs PRODUCT NO. PRICE 6876644 $44.99 NI-100 NOISE INDICATOR Alert users to hazardous noise levels !! o Small size and lightweight !! o Rechargeable battery operates for up to 200 hours between charges !! o LED light !! o Meets OSHA standard !! o 10 per case PRODUCT NO. PRICE 121NI100 $51.49 NEW! r s MAX LITE EARPLUGS Ideal size for workers with smaller ear canals !! o Low pressure polyurethane foam expands gently !! o Contoured T-shape for easy handling and wear !! o Smooth, soil-resistant closed cell-foam skin prevents dirt build-up !! o NRR30 !! o 1 pair, corded PRODUCT NO. PRICE 121LPF30 $28.89 FLIP TO LISTEN DUAL MODE REUSABLE EARPLUGS Dual mode earplugs !! o Cap closed for most noisy environments - NRR 24 !! o Cap open when you need to communicate or hear - NRR 4 !! o Triple flange design provides all day comfort !! o 100% PVC-Free !! o 50 pairs per box PRODUCT NO. PRICE 6876770 $122.29 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION QUANTITY PRICE 1211100 UNCORDED 1000/BOX .49 1211110 CORDED 500/BOX .69 WhiteCap.com 45 VISIT US ONLINE

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