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MARKERS CRAYONS PENCILS B PAINTSTICK SOLID PAINT MARKER Real paint in a stick form !! o Weather and UV-resistant !! o Marks on any material or surface !! o Color coded PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 18280220 WHITE $2.09 18280221 YELLOW $2.09 18280222 RED $2.09 18280223 BLACK $2.09 FINE POINT PERMANENT MARKER The industry standard - original pen style permanent marker !! o Quick drying, fade and water resistant ink !! o Marks on most surfaces PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 17330101SH BLACK FINE POINT $1.99 17330102SH RED FINE POINT $1.99 17332721SH BLACK FINE RETRACTABLE $4.79 17335010 BLACK ULTRA FINE POINT $1.89 CHINA MARKER (GREASE PENCIL) 12 ct box !! o Bold marks on glass, plastic, film, paper, metal, rubber, tile, and more !! o Marks wipe clean from non-porous surfaces !! o Paper wrapped with tear string for easy sharpening KING SIZE PERMANENT MARKER Industrial strength for the toughest marking jobs !! o Water resistant and dries quickly !! o Marks on wet and oily surfaces !! o Durable aluminum barrel and tip stand up to heavy use PRODUCT NO. PRICE 17315101SH $2.89 PROFESSIONAL CHISEL TIP PERMANENT MARKER Permanent on most surfaces, including wet, dry, oily, abrasive, and nonporous !! o Stronger professional chisel tip lasts 50% longer than standard Sharpie !! o Oval-shaped barrel will not roll off flat surfaces !! o Nonslip barrel and cap design makes cap easy to remove PRODUCT NO. PRICE 17334820SH $4.79 MAGNUM PERMANENT MARKER Industrial strength for big marking jobs !! o Water-resistant ink dries quickly and marks on wet and oily surfaces !! o Extra-large ink supply !! o Oversized tip PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 17344101SH BLACK $6.39 17344002SH RED $6.39 CARPENTER'S PENCIL Priced each, bulk pricing available !! o Long lasting, easy sharpening and smooth marking PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 182CP100 PENCIL .69 182FS100 CRAYON/PENCIL HOLDER $4.89 a stick form UV-resistant material PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 18200071 CRIMSON RED .59 18200073 YELLOW .99 18200074 GREEN .59 18200077 BLACK .99 18200079 RED .59 18200080 BLUE .59 18200081 BLACK (THIN CORE) .99 18200092 WHITE .99 18200095 BROWN .59 PAINT MARKERS Works on wet or dry lumber, metal, concrete and other surfaces !! o Lightfast, waterproof and weatherproof !! o Valve-action tip !! o Oil-based, permanent, opaque color PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 18280229W WHITE $4.19 18280223Y YELLOW $4.19 18280227B BLACK $4.19 18280221R RED $4.19 18280228BL BLUE $4.19 18280222O ORANGE $4.19 LUMBER CRAYON Works on wet or dry lumber, metal, concrete and other surfaces !! o Fade, water and smear proof !! o Won't melt in direct sunlight !! o 4-1/2" x 1/2" PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 18252000R RED $1.29 18249600Y YELLOW $1.29 18252100B BLUE $1.29 18249400BLK BLACK $1.29 182500A WOOD LUMBER CRAYON HOLDER $6.99 REDIMARK CHISEL POINT PERMANENT MARKERS 6" Metal Barrel !! o Permanent, fast drying ink !! o Heavy duty metal barrel !! o Fade resistant PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 18287110 RED $2.39 18287170 BLACK $2.39 18287140 GREEN $2.39 18287180 BLUE $2.39 WhiteCap.com 449 VISIT US ONLINE OWN

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