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SM LASER MEASURES SCANNERS D-TECT 150 WALL SCANNER Calibration-free - ready to use at any time !! o Metal detection in concrete up to 6" deep !! o Patented Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) Radar Technology !! o Adjustable sound indicator and led light uses three alert modes Includes: (4) "AA" batteries, carrying case PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162DTECT150 $944.99 M12 SUB- SCANNER KIT Detects rebar up to 6" deep in concrete, as well as wood and metal studs beneath drywall !! o Differentiates between steel (ferrous) and copper or aluminum (non-ferrous) metals !! o Intuitive user interface displays stud centers and edges !! o High contrast white on black display and backlight for easy reading !! o Rugged over-molding improves durability and user grip PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 131229121 KIT $278.29 131229120 TOOL ONLY $220.49 165' RANGE LASER MEASURER WITH BLUETOOTH Accurate to 1/16", Backlit Display !! o Measuring distance extends to 165' with +/- 1/16 in. accuracy !! o Bluetooth functionality !! o Built-in inclinometer allows for advances features like angles, min/max, stake out and double indirect Includes: Distance Measurer, Pouch, Hand Strap, Target cards, 2 AAA Batteries PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162GLM50C $146.99 135' COMPACT LASER MEASURER WITH MEMORY AND BACKLIGHT !! o Accurate to an 1/16" at 135' !! o LCD display !! o Area computation !! o Area, distance, length, volume, continuous measurement, addition !! o Pocket size for easy access anywhere PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162GLM40 $104.99 DIGITAL MULTI-SCANNER Detects multiple materials !! o Multi-mode detection for wood studs, metal objects, and live wiring !! o Latest three sensor technology !! o Three selection modes with automatic calibration !! o Illuminated Graphical LCD Display !! o Audible detection signal with On/Off button Includes: Hand strap, 9-volt battery, carrying pouch PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162GMS120 $83.99 GLM 100 C LASER MEASURER Bluetooth wireless technology !! o Measures up to 330' with up to 1/16" accuracy !! o Remote control functionality !! o Displays 360 angle measurement in 2 axis for accurate measurements !! o Backlit display with tilt screen !! o Ten measurement modes Includes: 1 li-ion battery, 1 charger, belt pouch gy PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162GLM100C $335.99 LASER DISTANCE AND ANGLE MEASURER Integrated li-ion Battery !! o Accuracy: +/-1/16" (1.5 mm) !! o Measures distance up to 265' !! o Precision distance and angle measuring technology !! o Indirect length measurement mode !! o Backlit display with tilt screen technology !! o Min./Max. measurement mode !! o Multi-surface area mode PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162GLM80 $262.49 PROFESSIONAL STUD FINDER No. 1 choice of professionals !! o Finds metal and wood studs fast !! o No more false readings !! o Distinguishes between metal and wood studs !! o Locates the center of metal studs instantly !! o Nothing outperforms this stud finder Includes: Nylon sheath with belt clip PRODUCT NO. PRICE 10439002 $20.99 D-TECT 120 WALL/FLOOR SCANNER 1.5V, 4-3/4" max. depth read !! o Reliable radar technology delivers great accuracy on wall, panel or floor !! o Never requires calibration !! o Can detect in any direction !! o Universal mode sees through more materials !! o Three modes: drywall, universal, and concrete Includes: 4 AA batteries, hard carry case PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162DTECT120 $272.99 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 444

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