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LASER LEVELS TRIPODS accessories PLS 5 POINT- TO-POINT LASER LEVEL 1/8" at 100' accuracy, self- leveling in a 6 range !! o Working Range: 100' !! o Power Supply: three AA batteries !! o 5 bright points !! o Dimensions: 2" x 4" x 4-3/4" !! o Weight: 1.13 lbs. Includes: Magnetic wall bracket, pendulum layout target, floor stand, compact carrying pouch, carrying case, manual x 4" x 4-3/4" . dulum PRODUCT NO. PRICE 274PLS5T $429.99 5-POINT SELF- LEVELING LASER Up to 1/4" at 100' accuracy, up to 100' range !! o Dimensions: 4.125" x 3.125" x 1.625" !! o Laser diode: Class II 635 nm, G 1 mW !! o Pocket-Sized! Pouch fits on tool belt !! o Leveling type: Self-leveling, up to 5 !! o Mount threading: 1/4-20 !! o Weight: 1.0 lbs. Includes: Multi-purpose attachment, hard carry case, AA batteries PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162GPL5LASER $251.99 LASER POSITIONING DEVICE With ceiling grid clip !! o Retractable feet for freestanding use !! o Threaded mounts (1/4-In. x 20 and 5/8 In. x 11) on bottom !! o Microfine height adjustment system Includes: Positioning Device only PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162BM1 $125.99 et ng use nts (1/4-In. x 20 ) on bottom ht stem ng PRICE 3-POINT SELF-LEVELING ALIGNMENT LASER Up to 1/4" at 100', self-leveling up to 5 range !! o Plumb and level point projection !! o Weight 0.9 lbs. !! o Limited 3-year warranty Includes: Recalibration wrench, three AA batteries, multipurpose attachment, mounting strap, hard carry case PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162GPL3 $136.49 BS 150 CAMERA STYLE COMPACT TRIPOD With detachable mounting base !! o Tripod expands from 20" to 58" with precise height adjustability !! o Collapsible legs and a weight of 2 lbs. !! o 1/4"-20 mounting thread !! o Adjustment turn knob, bubble vials, aluminum legs PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162BS150 $47.59 BM3 POSITIONING DEVICE Accessory for line and point lasers !! o Fine Adjustment Knob - for quicker and more accurate adjustment of horizontal level !! o 1/4"-20 Thread - for use with lasers up to 1 lb. !! o Spring Clip - for quick setup in a ceiling grid applications Includes: Positioning device PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162BM3 $34.59 PLS 180 CONTINUOUS HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL LINES LASER LEVEL 1/8" at 30' accuracy, self-leveling in a 6 range !! o Operating time: +35 hrs !! o Working Range: 200' with SLD detector !! o Fan Angle: 180 !! o Power supply: 3 "AA" batteries !! o Weight: 1.7 lbs. !! o Operating time: +35 hrs Includes: Carrying case, SLD laser detector, wall bracket, soft protective pouch 109PLS180 PLS 3 POINT- TO-POINT LASER LEVEL 1/4" at 100' accuracy, leveling range: 6 !! o Self-leveling !! o Working range: 100' !! o 3-year warranty Includes: Magnetic wall bracket, batteries, carrying pouch, floor stand and operating manual PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 109PLS3 RED LASER $216.29 109PLS60595 GREEN LASER $346.49 +35 hrs se ing cas ector, e 109PLS180 se, 109PLS60596 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION BEAM PRICE 109PLS180 LASER LINE TOOL ONLY RED $297.19 109PLS180S TOOL W/DETECTOR RED $463.09 109PLS60596 LASER LINE TOOL ONLY GREEN $503.99 WhiteCap.com 439 VISIT US ONLINE

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