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800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 438 SM LASER LEVELS PLS 4 COMBINATION LINES AND POINTS LASER LEVEL 1/8" at 30' accuracy, working range: 100' (outdoor with detector), leveling range: 6 !! o Horizontal and vertical layout with the ability to plumb up and down Includes: Pouch, magnetic wall bracket, carrying case, floor stand, batteries and operating manual PRODUCT NO. PRICE 109PLS60574 $398.99 GLL3-50 3-LINE & POINT LASER 0.3 mm/m accuracy, 10 m working range !! o One horizontal, two vertical lines plus plumb down point - for level, align, plumb and square applications !! o 360 rotational mounting base !! o Pulse laser receiver mode - for use with optional LR2 laser receiver !! o Smart Pendulum System - self-levels and indicates out-of-level condition; locks when switched off Includes: Rotational mounting base, laser target, belt pouch, four AA batteries, L-Boxx case PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162GLL350 $314.99 360 3-PLANE LEVELING AND ALIGNMENT LINE LASER Up to +/-1/4" at 100' accuracy, up to 65' range !! o Provides three full-planes of 360 coverage !! o IP54 waterproof protection !! o Freestanding base with magnets to attach to metal track Includes: BM1 positioning device, laser target, laser glasses, belt pouch, 4 AA batteries, L-Boxx 2 case PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162GLL380 $692.99 GSL-2 SURFACE LASER Perfect for flooring estimators, screed workers and tilers !! o Projects two laser lines that meet on the floor surface to determine flatness !! o Target plate increases accuracy by showing how much deviation exists from the reference point !! o Convenient remote control with 65' range !! o Motorized rotary base !! o Height adjustment Includes: GSL-2 Surface Laser, RC2 remote control, target plate, 4 AA alkaline batteries, carrying case PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162GSL2 $584.79 SELF-LEVELING CROSS LINE COMBO LASER WITH PLUMB POINTS 1/8" at 30' accuracy, 165' range !! o All-in-o1.5V, Indoor/Outdoor, 1/4-20 threading !! o All-in-one functionality - carry one device for all leveling, aligning and plumbing needs !! o Smart pendulum system !! o Manual mode - locks lines for use at any angle Includes: Cross Line Laser, positioning device with rotating base, pouch, 4 AA batteries PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162GCL2160 $209.99 MULTIPLANE LINE LASER 1/4" at 100' (2mm @ 10m) accuracy, visual range distance 80" (25m) !! o Applications: horizontal and vertical layout and installation of walls, windows, doors, soffits !! o 3-Year over-the-counter warranty !! o Lithiom-Ion battery with 40 hours of working time redcues cost Includes: Ceiling mount, vertical adjust, rotation, and magnetic mount LT52 POINT AND LINE GENERATOR 1/4" at 100' accuracy, 100' operating range !! o 5 points and 2 lines generated for layout of walls !! o Able to withstand a 3' drop on concrete, easy to transport !! o Automatic self-leveling !! o 200' operating range with optional HR220 receiver Includes: Blow molded carrying case PRODUCT NO. PRICE 299LT52 $399.99 LT58 LASER TOOL + or - 1/8" at 50' accuracy, visible range of 100' with horizontal green line !! o Provides a bright green 360 laser line !! o Visible at 100' in rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows !! o Lithium-Ion batteries provide 19 hour operating time !! o 3' drop specification !! o Optimized for ceiling work - mounting accessory attaches to all types of ceiling track PRODUCT NO. PRICE 299LT58 $766.49 ible range of e of walls PRICE ER cy, f PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION VISUAL DISTANCE PRICE 299LT56 MULTIPLANE LINE LASER 80 FT (25M) $556.49 299LT562 MULTIPLANE LINE LASER KIT (WITH HR220) 200 FT (65M) $629.99

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