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800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 436 SM Survey ACCESSORIES APWA UNIFORM COLOR CODES Green = Sewers and Drain Lines Purple = Reclaimed Water, Irrigation, and Slurry Lines Blue = Potable Water Red = Electric Power Lines, Cables, Conduit, and Lighting Cables Pink = Temporary Survey Markings White = Proposed Excavation Orange = Communication, Alarm or Signal Lines, Cables or Conduit Yellow = Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum, or Gaseous Materials FLAGGING TAPE 12 rolls per box, priced per roll !! o Bright, long-lasting colors !! o Made in USA !! o All APWA colors provided !! o 300' length PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 109300P PINK GLO $2.59 109300GL LIME GLO $2.59 109300GO ORANGE GLO $2.59 109300OR ORANGE $2.59 109300R RED $2.59 109300B BLUE $2.59 109300W WHITE $2.59 109300Y YELLOW $2.59 109300G GREEN $2.59 STAKE CHASERS Alternate marking for landscaping, utilities, construction, and surveying !! o Resistant to heavy equipment damage !! o Hammer onto end of wooden stake !! o Insert 60-penny nail through it !! o Made in USA PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 109SCB 25 PK. BLUE $5.19 109SCG 25 PK. GREEN $5.19 109SCHP 25 PK. PINK GLO $5.19 109SCO 25 PK. ORANGE $5.19 109SCR 25 PK. RED $5.19 109SCW 25 PK. WHITE $5.19 109SCY 25 PK. YELLOW $5.19 LOCATOR FLAGS For marking landscaping, construction, utilities, and surveying !! o Wire stakes push easily into the ground !! o Long-lasting material colors !! o Wind tear resistant to -40F !! o Custom logos available !! o Made in USA !! o 100 per pack PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 109SLFB BLUE $10.99 109SLFGO ORANGE GLO $10.99 109SLFGP PINK GLO $10.99 109SLFR RED GLO $10.99 109SLFW WHITE $10.99 109SLFY YELLOW $10.99 109STK21GN GREEN $10.99 HAND HELD TALLY METER Record and count instantly with this precision counter !! o Easy action lever !! o Single side knob turn resets counter to zero !! o Features a 4-digit register that records up to 9999 PRODUCT NO. PRICE 20721804 $18.39 KE CH OR PRICE $10.99 10.99 9 YOUR LOGO HERE

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