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survey and rotary lasers ELECTRONIC DIGITAL THEODOLITE Precise 2 seconds accuracy, 0.5m ~ 8 (1.6 ft ~ 8) focusing range !! o Dual, backlit LCD displays and controls !! o Parameter settings: degrees, mil, gon, V%, zenith angle, auto shut-off, horizontal angle beep, etc. !! o Provides 360 of vertical and horizontal range !! o Large LED display for easy reading !! o For general construction applications Includes: Rechargeable kit, backup alkaline battery pack PRODUCT NO. PRICE 299DET2 $1,207.49 SPECTRA PRECISION UL633 UNIVERSAL LASER 1.0 mm/10 m, 1/8" at 100', 20 arc seconds accuracy, 25% both axes grade range !! o Automatic electronic self-leveling !! o Combined radio/infrared remote control !! o Electronic leveling vibration filter !! o Grade and cross axis compensation !! o Dual automatic axis alignment !! o Able to withstand a 3' drop !! o Leveling accuracy: 0.5 mm/10 m, 1/16" at 100', 10 arc seconds Includes: A full-function combined radio and infrared remote control RC603, with a built-in back-lit intuitive graphic display PRODUCT NO. PRICE 299UL633 $3,239.29 GRL 500 HCK SELF-LEVELING ROTARY LASER COMPLETE KIT 1/16" at 100' accuracy, working range extends to 1,650' !! o Fully automatic - dial-in grade with center line mode for automatic searching and positioning of the laser beam on receiver !! o Li-ion-powered - integrated rechargeable batteries in both unit and receiver for extended operating time !! o Theft deterrence - tool locks when receiver is undocked from rotary laser !! o Remote control and receiver in one Includes: Laser receiver, remote control with bracket, receiver pouch, charger, tripod, and grade rod PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162GRL500HCK $1,259.99 MPLETE KIT king range e with center line and positioning echargeable iver n one ontrol with tripod, PRICE DG613 DIALGRADE PIPE LASER Line alert setting insures accuracy, self leveling range of -12% to +40% over the entire grade range !! o Bright visible beam that works up to 500' !! o Cross axis compensation !! o Line scan for fast set up, line set check increases accuracy !! o Easy-to-use remote control with multiple settings works via radio 430' or infra-red 500' Includes: Pipe laser, remote, target PRODUCT NO. PRICE 299DG613 $4,199.99 ne set check ol with multiple 0' or PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 299GL422N DUAL SLOPE GRADE LASER W/ HL760 RECEIVER AND FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY TRIMBLE $2,624.99 299GL412N SINGLE SLOPE GRADE LASER W/ HL760 RECEIVER AND FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY TRIMBLE $1,799.99 299GL422N SINGLE GRADE DUAL GRADE 299GL422N GRADE LASER WITH VERTICAL ALIGNMENT 1.5 mm/30 m, 1/16" at 100', 10 arc seconds leveling accuracy, up to 100 m (330') radio range !! o Grade range: -10% to +15% (Dual Axis), -10% to +15% (Single Axis) !! o Working range of 800 m (2,600') diameter !! o Automatic horizontal and vertical self-leveling Includes: Laser, HL760 radio receiver, RC402N remote, nigh and alkaline batteries LL400HV LASER LEVEL 1/16" at 100' accuracy, 2,600' diameter range !! o Longest range horizontal/vertical level !! o Fingerprint technology eliminates interference with other lasers !! o Single-axis slope grade match !! o Drops of up to 3' onto concrete and tripod tipovers up to 5' !! o Self-leveling in horizontal and vertical mode Includes: Laser, HL760 digital readout receiver, case PRODUCT NO. PRICE 299LL400HV $1,217.99 d WhiteCap.com 433 VISIT US ONLINE 299DET2 9.99

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