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800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 432 SM survey and rotary lasers LL300N SELF-LEVELING LASER LEVEL WITH HL450 3/32" at 100' accuracy, 1650' diameter range !! o 5-year warranty !! o Self-leveling laser level with receiver !! o HL450 digital receiver !! o Able to withstand a 3' drop !! o Fully automatic self-leveling exterior laser !! o Battery life 90 hours on alkaline Includes: LL300N laser with HL450 receiver and case LL500 LASER LEVEL 10 arc sec., 1/16" at 100' accuracy, self-leveling range: 11 arc min. !! o Laser type: 670 nm visible, Class I !! o Rugged, reliable laser leveling system !! o Battery life: 20C (68F), 4 D-cell alkaline 175 hrs, NiMH 100 hrs !! o Operating diameter: 1,600 ft. !! o Tripod mount: 5/8" x 11 !! o 5 year warranty Includes: Laser, HL700 receiver, case PRODUCT NO. PRICE 299LL500 $1,133.99 HV101GC ALL-IN-ONE LASER KIT 1/8" at 100' accuracy and range using receiver up to 1000' diameter. !! o Horizontal or vertical !! o Indoor and outdoor applications !! o Everything you need in one kit !! o 3-year warranty with first year instant exchange Includes: HV101 transmitter, HR320 receiver, tripod, grade rod, wall mount, remote control, target, laser glasses, protective case PRODUCT NO. PRICE 299HV101GC2 $751.79 HVR 505R HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL SELF-LEVELING ROTARY LASER +/- 1/8" at 100' accuracy, 1,000' diameter range !! o Maximum utility for your mid-range exterior-interior layout projects Includes: Remote control, laser detector, ceiling bracket, alkaline and NiMH battery packs, re-charger, 5/8"-11 Tripod, 16' Grade Rod PRODUCT NO. PRICE 109PLS60583 $902.99 r, ceiling bracket, NiMH battery rger, d, d EXTERIOR SELF-LEVELING ROTARY LASER COMPLETE PACKAGE Up to 3/32" leveling accuracy, extended range of 2000' (diameter) !! o Rugged design withstands extreme jobsite conditions !! o Single axis slope control - easily change the slope of the laser for complex leveling applications !! o ADS (Anti-Drift System) - alerts when laser has drifted from benchmark Includes: RL25H rotary laser, RD5 detector with bracket, batteries, aluminum tripod, 8' leveling rod, carrying case PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162RL25HCK $766.49 SPECTRA PRECISION LASER LL300S W/ HL760 WITH FINGERPRINTING 1/16" at 100' accuracy, operating range 2600' diameter with HL760 digital readout receiver !! o Rugged design with a metal sunshade !! o Increases flexibility with optional long range radio remote control !! o Optional rechargable batteries !! o Strength, combined with full weather and dustproofing, reduces downtime Includes: Laser, receiver, tripod and grade rod PRODUCT NO. PRICE 299LL300S27 $1,207.49 WITH l ather time PRICE 450 op ing alkaline 299LL300N2 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 299LL300N SELF LEVELING LASER LEVEL W/HL450 $839.99 299LL300N2 LASER LEVEL W/ HL450, TRIPOD, & INCH GRADE ROD $892.49

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