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FLOOR TREATMENTS SM FLOOR TREATMENT PRODUCTS Use to obtain a high-end mechanical and aesthetic finish !! o GM 3000 is a latex-based bonding additive specifically formulated for use in re-grouting/filling of holes in concrete surfaces; effective for patching and filling small air pockets/pin holes when polishing concrete floors !! o Hiperhard is a silicate applied to the concrete surface that reacts with the calcium hydroxide and creates a crystalline/glassy structure in the pores of the concrete near the surface. The combination of calcium silicate forming in the concrete along with polishing of the concrete with resin bonded diamonds significantly hardens the floor, improves the abrasion resistance and has a significant impact on the appearance of the final floor !! o 5 gal. (20L) bucket PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 617543087161 GM 3000 $167.99 617543087165 HIPERHARD DENSIFIER $187.99 Available at HD Supply White Cap WhiteCap.com 800.944.8322 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 424

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