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42 SM cooling accessories CHILL-ITS 6615 HIGH- PERFORMANCE DEW RAG Hi Cool moisture management performance fabric !! o Comfortable to wear under hats, helmets or alone !! o Absorbent terry headband PRODUCT NO. PRICE 34312485 $9.99 CHILL-ITS 6609 TERRY SWEATBAND Keeps sweat out of eyes !! o Fits most hard hat suspension systems !! o Machine washable !! o 100% cotton !! o Hard hat not included PRODUCT NO. PRICE 34312440 $3.79 ms CHILL-ITS 6607 SPONGE SWEATBAND Keeps sweat out of eyes for comfort and safety !! o Cellulose, absorbent sponge band !! o Elasticized back for a great fit !! o Hand wash !! o Rinse before use PRODUCT NO. PRICE 34312436 $1.39 CHILL-ITS 6602 COOLING TOWEL Wear for hours, or wipe off for quick relief !! o Creates a cooling aid significantly colder than ambient air !! o Advanced PVA material holds water without feeling heavy !! o Run under cold water to activate !! o 13" X 29.5" (33cm X 75m) !! o Machine washable PRODUCT NO. PRICE 34312420 $13.99 CHILL-ITS EVAPORATIVE MICROFIBER COOLING TOWEL Size: 9.8" x 40.9", 2-sided color, gray on reverse for all colors !! o Dampen towel to activate cooling !! o Super-evaporative, feels significantly cooler than ambient air !! o Non-toxic and chemical free !! o Machine washable !! o UPF 50 for protection against harmful UV PRODUCT NO. PRICE 34312661 $8.09 lor, ng cantly harmful UV PRICE CORE PERFORMANCE WORK WEAR 6485 MULTI-BAND Versatile moisture management performance fabric !! o Stretchable and seam-free !! o Multi-climate usage blocks wind, sun and dust !! o One size fits most PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 34342103 STARS & STRIPES $15.99 34342105 RED WESTERN $15.99 34342106 NAVY WESTERN $15.99 34342108 HI-VIS LIME $15.99 34342111 FLAMES $15.99 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 42

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