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grinding Diamonds WET VS. DRY GRINDING The Husqvarna range of metal bond tools covers tooling for both wet and dry grinding. WET A more powerful machine enables the operator to choose harder bond tools. POWER AND WEIGHT GRIT SIZE DRY Production rates will be higher than dry grinding. Diamond segments will wear faster due to presence of abrasive slurry. Scratches from diamond grit will be deeper. Increased clean up time. Production rates will be slower on harder materials than when wet grinding. Softer bond segments are required in order to encourage segment wear. Scratches from diamond grit will not be as deep when compared to wet grinding. More heat is generated by the diamond segment. Cleaner work environment. Changing the size of the diamond grit to a smaller particle/grit size will affect the performance of the diamond tool in the following ways: Create a finer scratch pattern. Increase the life of the diamond tool. The opposite will occur when changing to a larger particle/grit size. GRIT SIZE (MESH) APPLICATION 20 / 30 Material removal 30 / 40 Rough grinding 60 / 80 Medium grinding 120 / 140 Fine grinding APPLICATION FULL SET HALF SET Flatten Floor Ceramic Tile Adhesive Removal Vinyl or Carpet Glue Removal Epoxy Paint Removal Rain Damaged Concrete Smooth Exposed Aggregate Surface Polishing of Concrete Floors Grinding to Expose Aggregate Flatten Undulations in Concrete Floors The Redi Lock base plate is integrated to make the locking system very sturdy and safe. Durable, steel constructed diamond disc holder has a low-profile with recessed locking mechanism. This reduces overall height of tooling, keeping the machine closer to the ground. METAL-BOND DIAMOND TOOLS - REDI LOCK HALF VS. FULL SET Half Set - Diamonds are placed at three alternating positions (or four on the PG 400) on the diamond holder disc. When using a half set, the diamonds tend to follow the surface of the floor. This puts more weight per square inch on the diamond tooling, making it grind more aggresively on hard floors. It does not completely flatten the floor. Full Set - Diamonds are placed at each of the six positions (or eight on the PG 400) on the diamond holder disc. The full set is used when a flat floor is desired. If the floor has undulations, the machine will grind the high areas and miss the low spots. The result is a smooth surface. WhiteCap.com 419 VISIT US ONLINE

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