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DUST EXTRACTION ACCESSORIES SM S26 HEPA DUST EXTRACTOR Certified HEPA filters trap and prevent dangerous dust from being released in the air !! o Tank contents directly deposited into Longopac bags for dust-free disposal !! o Jet pulse filter cleaning !! o 120/230V !! o 258 CFM, 100" water lift Includes: 2" hose, 2-pc., wand attachment with floor tool T8600 HEPA EXTRACTOR 3P 480V 110 Waterlift, 11.9 hp, 353 cfm !! o Equipped with Jet Pulse for effective filter cleaning !! o Longopac dust free changing of bag and easy disposal of the machine's contents !! o Easy to transport to and from jobsites !! o Suitable for a wide selection of grinders Includes: 25' x 2" hose, 33' x 3" hose, wand, floor tool PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 104200600404B T8600 480 3-PH HEPA DUST EXTRACTOR $10,867.49 104200600595A T-LINE HEPA FILTER $216.29 104200600596 T-LINE PRE-FILTER FOR T7500/T8600 $950.29 S36 HEPA DUST EXTRACTOR 110 waterlift, 353 cfm, 14.8 amps, 230V, 5.1 hp !! o With Jet Pulse filter cleaning, "drop-down" dust collection !! o Unmatched portability and innovative dolly design !! o Equipped with 3 independently tested and certified HEPA filters !! o Pre-filter with over 50-square feet of media Includes: 25' x 2" hose, 33' x 2,5" hose, wand and floor tool PRODUCT NO. PRICE 104900057A $4,724.99 PRE-SEPARATOR VACUUM Your dust extractor's capacity to handle choking quantities of dust is truly improved when supplemented with the C5500 pre-separator !! o Comes with our unique Longopac dust-free direct disposal of concrete dust and debris into plastic bags !! o Allows you to continue working for longer periods of time !! o 3" inlet catches 90% of dust PRODUCT NO. PRICE 104200600451 $1,973.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 10420900059A S26 HEPA DUST EXTRACTOR 120V $2,351.99 104200700070A S-LINE HEPA FILTER $94.49 104200900050 S-LINE PRE-FILTER FOR S26 $183.79 DC 5500 PORTABLE DUST EXTRACTOR 4 hp, with access !! o Three-phase !! o Wet and dry applications !! o Two-way filtering system !! o Three-stage filtration mechanism Includes: 3" x 27' hose PRODUCT NO. PRICE 617DC5500 $9,859.49 LONGOPAC VACUUM BAGS 4-pack replacement bags !! o 70" long !! o 5.5mm thickness gs PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1041376013 $135.49 DC 6000 INDUSTRIAL DUST COLLECTOR 10hp, 48W, and 3 phase !! o Patented double shell cyclone technology enables constant high air flow and high productivity - 95% separation of dust !! o Used for both wet and dry applications !! o Low noise and clean working environment - 13 rated filters meets health environment standards, Longopac bags !! o Easy to use - machine lowers into transport mode !! o Friendly logical control panel (HMI) !! o Uses Longopac bags for easy disposal, 406 CFM PRODUCT NO. PRICE 617967209403 $12,599.99 A400/A600/ A700 HEPA FILTER 99.99% at .3 microns !! o For A400/A600/A700 air scrubbers !! o Tested and certified replacement filter !! o ISO5 Class 100 air approved PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 104200700532A A400/A600/A700 HEPA FILTER $150.19 104201000014 A600 PRE-FILTER $90.19 104A600 A600 AIR SCRUBBER HEPA $862.39 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 418

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