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CORE DRILLS ACCESsories SM CORE BORE M-1 CORE DRILL RIG Available as a complete unit or build-your- own with different component options !! o You can choose from these different motors: - Core bore motor: 20 amp, 2-speed - Milwaukee motor: 20 amp, 2-speed - CB700 motor: 20 amp, 2 speed !! o 2-1/2" square column w/black oxidized finish !! o 6" wheels for easy mobility !! o Dual switch/outlet control panel with amp meter (except for CB700 models with LED amp meter) !! o Vacuum pump for quick mounting !! o 4 leveling screws on the base !! o Up to 14" bit capacity with one spacer block CORE BORE M-4 COMBO DRILL RIG Includes 3-speed premium WEKA DK12 motor !! o Weighs only 35 lbs. !! o 6" bit capacity (3" hand-held) !! o Converts to hand-held drill motor in seconds !! o Combination stand quickly angles to 45 !! o Reversible slide handle for left or right side drilling !! o 4 adjustable slide bearings !! o Carriage lock Includes: WEKA DK-12 handheld drill motor, vacuum base, vacuum pump, mast, slide carriage, slide feed handle, motor mount, top carrying handle, carriage lock PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1074240001 $2,750.99 M1-AA-15 CORE RIG 15 amp, 3.5 hp, light- weight core rig !! o Built-in LED amp Meter !! o Single Speed 800 RPM !! o 6" bit capacity !! o Weighs only 35 lbs. !! o Lightweight and portable !! o Water connection for wet drilling !! o Built-in amp meter !! o Anchor base only PRODUCT NO. PRICE 224M1AA15 $1,154.99 CORE BORE WEKA DK12 HAND-HELD DRILL 14 amp, 110 volts !! o 3-speed, 580/1,400/2,900 rpm !! o Reversible slide handle - left or right side drilling !! o Thermal overload !! o Up to 3" hand held, up to 6" in optional M4 drill stand !! o Weighs 25 lbs. Includes: carrying case and both 1-1/4-07 threaded spindle and 5/8-11 threaded spindled adapter for smaller diameter bits PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1074244017 $1,548.79 HAND-HELD CORE DRILL 1,100 rpm and 2,200 rpm !! o 2-Speed gear box !! o 1,300 watt, 115 volt electric power !! o Water hose connection for wet drilling !! o Shoulder brace for increased stability !! o Up to 3" hand-held drilling capacity !! o Up to 6" in optional M4 drill stand Includes: black molded carrying case, 5/8-11 threaded spindle and 5/8-11 to 1.250-7 adapter PRODUCT NO. PRICE 107CB500HH $598.49 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 2244245055 M-1 COMBO W/20 AMP CORE BORE MOTOR $2,624.99 22430076 M-1 COMBO W/CB700 MOTOR $2,414.99 22430062 CB700 MOTOR $1,069.99 22401806 M-1 ANCHOR DRILL STAND $682.49 2244243000 M-1 METER BOX $287.69 2244244075 VACUUM PUMP $366.49 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 414

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