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41 cooling accessories CHILL-ITS 6630 HIGH- PERFORMANCE SKULL CAP One size fits most !! o Hi Cool moisture management performance fabric !! o Wide, absorbent terry headband !! o Comfortable to wear under hats, helmets or alone !! o Machine washable !! o Red Western PRODUCT NO. PRICE 34312508 $6.99 CHILL-ITS 6550 HEAD SWEATBAND Snug elastic fit !! o Thick soft terry keeps perspiration away from eyes and face for safety and productivity !! o Color: White PRODUCT NO. PRICE 34312450 $1.79 CHILL-ITS 6605 CAMO HIGH-PERFORMANCE HEADBAND Technical fabric transports moisture away from body for fast evaporation !! o Elasticized back for a great fit !! o Color: Camo PRODUCT NO. PRICE 34312422 $9.99 CHILL-ITS 6716 COOLING HARD HAT LINER Attaches to standard hard hat headband !! o Lightweight, cooling acrylic polymers !! o Soak in water 2-5 minutes to activate !! o Reusable; just re-soak !! o Color: Blue PRODUCT NO. PRICE 34312338 $3.79 CHILL-ITS 6700 EVAPORATIVE COOLING BANDANA Activated polymers bring cooling power where you need it most !! o Activate by soaking in water for 2-5 minutes !! o Re-usable: just soak in water to re-activate !! o Tie closure CHILL-ITS 6705CT EVAPORATIVE COOLING BANDANA Breakaway hook and loop closure !! o Polymers bring cooling power where you need it most !! o Activate by soaking in water !! o Reusable; just re-soak CHILL-ITS 6700CT EVAPORATIVE COOLING BANDANA With cooling towel technology bringing cooling power when you need it most !! o Keeps you cool, reduces the effects of heat stress and fights fatigue !! o Lightweight, low profile !! o Activates by running under water !! o Reusable, just re-soak Reusable; just re soak activate PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 34312566 HI-VIS LIME $7.39 34312561 STARS & STRIPES $5.39 T NO. DESCRIPTION PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 34312573 RED WESTERN $5.99 34312577 SOLID BLUE $5.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 34312303 STARS & STRIPES $3.79 34312305 RED WESTERN $3.79 34312306 NAVY WESTERN $3.79 34312567 SOLID BLUE $7.39 34312563 CT RED WESTERN $5.39 WhiteCap.com 41 VISIT US ONLINE 3.79 3431257

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