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MaintAINing Your Cut-off Saw SM . Regular checkpoints These are the most important parts of your power cutter to inspect, to find out if any parts need to be tightened, cleaned, repaired or replaced. Check screws and bolts . Tighten them if neccessary. Check the drive belt and if neccessary, tighten it. Test all controls . For instance, ensure that the throttle trigger doesn't get stuck in the depressed position. Check that the blade guard is in good condition and is easily adjustable. Check the spark plug . If it is defective replace it. If you feel your machine losing power, replace the air filter . Check the anti-vibration elements and make sure that they are in good working condition. EK7651H MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE OIL CHANGE FREQUENCY ITEM BEFORE OPERATION DAILY (10 HR) 50 HR PART NUMBER PRICE V-belt Inspect/adjust 4 Air Filter Clean 4 1404421656 $9.99 Prefilter Clean/replace 4 1401959456 $11.99 Spark Plug Inspect 4 1401686524 $10.99 Fuel Filter Clean/replace 4 1401634470 $8.99 General User Heavy User (4 to 6 hours per day) 2 WEEKS 4 WEEKS 2 WEEKS 2 WEEKS 2 WEEKS 2 WEEKS 2 WEEKS 1ST OIL CHANGE REGULAR OIL CHANGES PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 917574362301 K760 Filter $28.99 617505566801 Air Filter oil $5.99 917544908402 Belt, 14" for K760 $36.99 917544908403 Belt, 14" for K970 $36.99 917544908404 Belt, 16" for K970 $36.99 917506264111 Fuel Filter $10.99 917503235109 Spark Plug $5.99 We stock the parts you need! 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 404

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