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CUT-OFF SAWS The Cut-n-Break Method The Cut-n-Break method allows you to cut in stages through walls up to 16" thick. 1. Each but can be up to 2-1/2" deep and 3/4" wide. 2. Since the cutter has twin blades, a core is formed in the saw cut. 3. The core can easily be broken off, using the accompanying breaking tool. 4. When the core has been broken off, continue cutting until the required depth is reached, maximum 16". K3000 CUT AND BREAK Electric saw, 16" cutting depth !! o Twin, 9" blades, 1 set included !! o Ergonomically designed !! o For flush cutting !! o Miter gear provides high durability, minimal power loss and low noise levels PRODUCT NO. PRICE 617968388404 $1,656.89 WORLD'S FIRST 4-STROKE POWER CUTTER 76 cc, 4.1 hp, 9,100/4,300 rpm !! o No oil mixing simplifies operation and prevents engine failure !! o Lower noise at 92.7dB(A) and smoother idle !! o Automatic engine decompression valve to reduce pull-start force by 40% !! o Pressure compensated carburetor with vented choke plate to reduce flooding !! o Integrated wheels reduce fatigue during long straight cuts and retract when not in use !! o Blade not included PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 140EK7651H 4.1 HP / 3.0KW POWER CUTTER $1,259.99 1401959456 PRE FILTER SET, EK7651H $12.59 1404421656 AIR FILTER, EK7651H $10.49 1404243993 INNER FILTER, EK7651H $7.49 K760 CUT N BREAK SAW 5 hp, 74 cc gas engine !! o Twin, specially-developed 9" blades, 1 set included !! o Active Air Filtration !! o With X-Torq, SmartCarb !! o 9" blade dia., 16" max cutting depth PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 617K760CNB K760 CU T-N-BREAK GAS SAW $1,627.49 617576778501 EL35CNB BLADE SET $337.09 K 970 CONCRETE RING SAW 5.7 cubic in., 6.4 hp gas engine, 10" cutting depth !! o X-Torq produces 75% less emissions, 20% lower fuel consumption !! o DuraStarter !! o SmartCarb !! o Blade not included PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 617K970R K970 RING SAW $3,286.49 134531108059 ELR45 RING SAW BLADE $295.09 WhiteCap.com 403 VISIT US ONLINE 1404243 7.09

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