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39 hard hat ACCESSORIES Heat stress affects an estimated 10 million workers in the U.S. each year. Simple changes in fluid intake, shade and certain clothing can keep your workers safe. HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: HEAT STRESS PREVENTION HYDRATION Supply drinking water on the job site. The harder you work, the more liquid you need to be consuming, especially on hot days. Employers need to offer access to water or beverages such as Sqwincher. It is recommended that employers provide 1 quart per employee per hour for the entire shift, with frequent drinking encouraged. ACCLIMATION The process of an individual adjusting to a gradual change in their environment, such as a change in temperature or humidity. The use of evaporative products such as cooling bandanas, headbands, triangle hats, and hard hat inserts provide the needed cooling through evaporation. ACCESS TO SHADE It is vital that your employees have access to shade at all times. When natural shade isn't available, the use of temporary canopies serves as a necessary shelter from the blazing heat. The amount of shade present shall be at least enough to accommodate 25% of the employees on the shift at any time, so that they can sit in a normal posture, fully shaded without having to be in physical contact with other workers. AIR CIRCULATION The use of fans is strongly encouraged in areas with low air movement. BREAKS Periodic breaks are needed in order to give the body time to recover from the stress that extreme heat puts on the system. Failure to provide breaks is not only against the law, but it also puts lives in great danger of heat exhaustion and possible death. Give them a break! FOOD It helps provide energy to your body to help fight off heat exhaustion. RESPOND TO HEAT ILLNESS SIGNS WITHOUT DELAY! PROVIDE FIRST AID AND EMERGENCY SERVICES AT THE FIRST SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF HEAT STRESS. SUNBRERO SUN SHIELD Protective Brim extender !! o Blocks 99.9% of UV rays while providing a full field of vision !! o No assembly required, no parts or brackets to lose !! o Fits Fibre-Metal SuperEight hats and most other brands !! o Hard hat not included PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 216FMPSB2 CAP STYLE $15.19 216FMPSB1 HAT STYLE $15.19 CHILL-ITS 6670 HARD HAT NECK SHADE Keeps the sun off while delivering cool comfort to your neck !! o Hook and loop allows for easy attachment to hard hat !! o Quilted nylon outer layer !! o Activated, polymer embedded fabric inside !! o 100% nylon water repellent liner !! o Soak in water 2-5 minutes to activate !! o Hard hat not included PRODUCT NO. PRICE 34312523 $18.99 SUN SHIELD FOR FIBRE-METAL Protects against overexposure to sun radiation !! o UV Protection !! o Designed to fit Fibre-Metal "Hat" Model PRODUCT NO. PRICE 121AS4F $21.69 CHILL-ITS 6717 HARD HAT PAD WITH NECK SHADE Blue !! o Activates easily, just soak in cold water 10 to 15 minutes !! o Reusable, just resoak !! o Remains hydrated for up to 4 hours !! o Hook-and-loop closure quickly fastens in place !! o One size fits all PRODUCT NO. PRICE 34312336 $6.39 WhiteCap.com 39 VISIT US ONLINE 121AS4F

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