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VIBRATING SCREEDS ACCEsSories SHOCKWAVE POWER SCREED Reliable Honda 4-stroke engine, 33.2 lbs. weight !! o Less labor intensive than a traditional hand screed !! o Excellent vibration dampening (little vibration passed on to operator) !! o Fully adjustable handlebars and grips !! o Power trowel style throttle lever - does not require constant contact !! o Direct drive shaft for extended life !! o On board tachometer/hour meter great for rental and scheduled maintenance !! o Easy to adjust eccentric weights that are completely protected from concrete splatter !! o Accessible handles for easy lifting and transport and unique frame provides superior engine protection !! o Blade not included ble handlebars and grips l style throttle lever - uire constant contact shaft for extended life hometer/hour meter great d scheduled maintenance st eccentric weights that are rotected from concrete splatter andles for easy lifting t and unique frame erior engine protection luded PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 103SW100H POWER SCREED HAND UNIT $1,364.99 103WSBLADE4 4' SCREED BOARD $241.49 103SWSBLADE6 6' SCREED BOARD $278.29 103SWSBLADE8 8' SCREED BOARD $377.99 103WSBLAD10 10' SCREED BOARD $409.49 103WSBLAD12 12' SCREED BOARD $451.49 103SWSBLAD14 14' SCREED BOARD $488.29 103SWSBLAD16 16' SCREED BOARD $734.99 POWER SCREED VIBRATING No assembly (no tools) !! o No isolator grommet maintenance !! o Lift handle is elevated over center of weight !! o No scheduled maintenance for vibrator !! o Power unit and screed blades interchange with competing products wer unit and screed blades interchange th competing products PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 476MVPR100H POWER ROD 100 2 HANDLE SCREED KIT $1,469.99 476LB106 6' BAR $387.49 476LB108 8' BAR $428.39 476LB110 10' BAR $514.49 476LB112 12' BAR $587.99 476LB114 14 BAR $650.99 476LB116 16' BAR $713.99 MAGIC SCREED Precision engineered, lightweight wet screed for single operator strike-off of concrete !! o Vibrating blade does not require any support to float on the concrete surface !! o Integrated anti-vibration supports eliminate handle vibration !! o Two handles provide total leveling control and accuracy !! o One of the lightest portable units on the market !! o The unique design of the extruded Magic screed blade makes it possible to simultaneously cut and smooth concrete PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 570047581 POWER UNIT $1,837.49 570029690 10' REP. BLADE $540.79 570029691 12' REP. BLADE $639.49 570037982 14' REP. BLADE $800.09 570037983 16' REP. BLADE $859.99 BLADES NOT INCLUDED WITH POWER UNIT WhiteCap.com 389 VISIT US ONLINE 99

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