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The Right Vibrator Delivers a Better Result Determining which vibrator is best for the job means asking some basic questions about job size and type of project. Combined with the simple handling techniques above, this will ensure a high quality concrete product. Article contributed by: Qzpj!Xj{hnp1!FHN!Hjwynji!Kqfy twp!Knsnxmjw! And Vince Hunt, ACI 309 Committee Member Product Application/Training Specialists, Wacker Neuson Corporation Vibration Promotes Quality Concrete The basic principal of concrete vibration is to consolidate the mix by removing entrapped air. The advantages of consolidation include greater strength of the concrete, enhanced durability, and nruwt{ji!uwtizhy!snxm3! Prior to consolidation, the concrete should gj!fx!sjfw!fx!utxxngqj!yt!ymj!sfq!utxnynts! and not moved along the forms with the vibrator to avoid segregation of the mix. Once a fairly level surface is attained, the entire area of placement must be consolidated. A systematic pattern of vibrator insertion and removal is required and the distance between insertions should be one-and-one-half times the mjfix!jfjhyn{j!htsxtqnifynts!wfinzx!tw! wfinzx!tk!nszjshj3!Ymj!fwjf!tk!nszjshj! is determined by observing air bubbles breaking the surface surrounding the head of the vibrator. Proper vibrator handling involves quickly submerging the vibrator into the fresh lift and then withdrawing it at a rate of one inch per second (never more than two inches per second). When pouring walls and columns, the vibrator head should be inserted quickly all of the way to the bottom and left there for 5 -15 seconds. Each lift should be vibrated; and when each following lift is vibrated the head should penetrate about six inches into the preceding layer and jigged for 5-15 seconds to bond or knit the two lifts together. Dpotjefs!Uif!Cfofut L Greater concrete density L Greater strength L Improved bond with reinforcement steel L Greater bond on construction joints L Greater durability L! Nruwt{ji!uwtizhy!snxm L Less cement needed due to drier mixes Consider The Application L! Y~uj!tk!utzw?! fqq1!ttw1 column, curb and gutter, etc. L Height of the wall or structure L Width of the wall or structure L Electrical availability on the jobsite L Electrical source distance L Amount of reinforcing steel L! Otg!xujhnhfyntsx L Concrete slump L Concrete mix design Consider The Selection There are many types of consolidation vibration equipment f{fnqfgqj!nshqzinsl!jqjhywnh!j}2 shaft vibrators, electric high-cycle {ngwfytwx1!lfx!ut jwji!j}2xmfky! vibrators, and gas powered backpack modular vibrators. Consult your local HD Supply - White Cap branch to understand which is the best model for your application. The distance between insertions should be tsj2fsi2tsj2mfqk!ynrjx!ymj!mjfi,x!jfjhyn{j consolidation radius. 386

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