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CONCRETE VIBRATOR PARTS ACCESsories SM BACKPACK VIBRATOR 2.1 hp, 4-cycle Honda GXH50 engine !! o Works with any combo of the following heads and shafts: H35HA, H45HA, H50HA, SM3S, SM4S, and SM5S !! o Shoulder mounted on/off switch and throttle control for simple operation !! o Quick disconnect provides for fast backpack vibrator removal and easy storage !! o Ergonomic and lightweight design !! o Flexshaft and head not included PRODUCT NO. PRICE 570BV50AH $1,879.49 VIBRATOR FLEXSHAFTS !! o Integrated quick disconnect couplings offer 62 combinations !! o Oil resistant reinforced rubber shafts with steel reinforced coils on the quick disconnect end !! o 10 different shaft lengths from 3' to 30' !! o Motor and head sold separately VIBRATOR HEADS !! o Incorporating the best of round and square heads, Wacker Neuson's "hybrid" geometry delivers significantly higher amplitude which liquefies the concrete faster, allowing the stiff mix to settle into place and become more consolidated PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 570H256567 1" INTERNAL, HYBRID (USE ONLY W/E SHAFTS) $218.49 570H35HA 1-3/8" INTERNAL, HYBRID $272.99 570H45HA 1-3/4" INTERNAL, HYBRID $293.99 5700610061 2" INTERNAL, HYBRID $436.79 570H65 2-1/2" INTERNAL, ROUND $405.29 BACKPACK VIBRATOR Suited for light to medium duty concrete vibration applications in hard to reach areas without electric power supply !! o Complete with 1-3/4 head and 9.8 ft. shaft !! o Protective roll cage for 4-stroke Honda engine !! o 14,000 vpm PRODUCT NO. PRICE 570BV35AP $1,916.29 VIBRATOR MOTORS 60Hz electrical power, 2-year warranty !! o Extremely durable carbon brushes that can last up to 500 hours !! o Quick-change coupling is standard for a toolless shaft change !! o Large air filter is removable with just one screw Includes: Carrying strap NEW! PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 570SM1E 3' SHAFT (M1500, M2500) $173.79 570SM2E 7' SHAFT (M1500, M2500) $196.69 570SM4E 13' SHAFT (M1500, M2500) $300.39 570SM1S 3' SHAFT C&K SM1S $152.99 570SM2S 6.5' SHAFT (M2500) $184.79 570SM3S 10' SHAFT (M2500) $251.29 570SM4S 13' SHAFT (M2500) $300.39 570SM5S 16.5' SHAFT (M2500) $364.39 570SM7S 23' SHAFT (M2500) $416.39 570SM9S 30' SHAFT C&K SM9S $546.19 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION WEIGHT PRICE 570M1500 2 HP, 115V, 12.5A, 50/60 HZ 10.9 LBS. $388.49 570M2500 2.5 HP, 115V, 15A, 50/60 HZ 11.9 LBS. $514.49 UCT NO. DESCRIPTION 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 384

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