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rebar cutters benders straighteners #5 REBAR CUTTER AND BENDER 8 Amp motor, 530w !! o Uniformly bends up to #5 Grade 60 rebar !! o Variable speed trigger provides manual-like precision and control over bending !! o Pre-set dial control for 45, 90 & 180 bends !! o Weights less than 40 lbs. and a portable design for ease of use !! o 8 Amp motor, 530w !! o Cut speed: 3 seconds, Bend speed: 5 seconds Includes: Deflection guard, cutter set PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 281VB16Y #5 REBAR CUTTER/BENDER $1,994.99 281VB16YB CUTTER BLOCKS $135.49 PORTABLE #7 REBAR BENDER Capable of bending No. 7 (7/8") 60 grade rebar 180 !! o High-speed, automatic working cycle !! o Easy to operate !! o Less than 200 lbs., can be run off any AC generator, 12 amps (115v, 50-60 Hz) !! o Two separate angles may be preset Includes: Hands-free foot pedal control switch, complete bending radius roller set PRODUCT NO. PRICE 294DBD25X $4,409.99 DIAMOND REBAR BENDER Heavy-duty portable table-type bender !! o Largest 115V portable rebar bender available !! o Easily bends 1-1/8" grade 60 rebar 180 in 8 seconds !! o For small to medium size production shops !! o 23" L x 24.2" W x 18.7" H Includes: Hands-free foot pedal control switch, complete bending radius roller set PRODUCT NO. PRICE 294DBD32X $8,000.99 PRICE MANUAL REBAR CUTTER AND BENDER 5/8" capacity cuts grade 60 rebar !! o Longer handle and cam mechanism provides greater leverage when cutting and bending !! o Adjustable 2-1/2" diameter bending roller and replaceable cutting jaws have two open slots with innovative shaped blades to prevent chipping !! o Sturdy frame design !! o Mounted board included PRODUCT NO. PRICE 294MBC16B $356.99 r m g e REBAR BENDER/STRAIGHTENER 1/2" - 1" capacity, 12 amps !! o 60 grade rebar capacity !! o Bending angle: 0-90 !! o Weight: 62.3 lbs. Includes: wooden carrying case, hydraulic oil, tool kit, two additional bending dies PRODUCT NO. PRICE 294DBR25WH $3,622.49 INDEXING REBAR BENDER 14-position indexing head !! o Extra-sturdy steel handles for the toughest conditions !! o Super-strong indexing head grips rebar securely for accurate bends PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 194RB4 #4, 3/8" AND 1/2" REBAR, EXTENDING $83.99 194RB5 #5, 5/8" REBAR $136.49 194RB6 #6, 3/4" REBAR $146.99 194RB4 194RB5 WhiteCap.com 381 VISIT US ONLINE 281VB16Y 6.99

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