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rebar cutters rebar benders edge saws SM THE CUTTING EDGE SAW 3/4" rebar and 7/8" all-thread rod capacity, 9 amps !! o 3-position removable side handle and a rotating trigger handle !! o Double insulated power harness !! o ETL Certified & Listed Includes: 2 TCT cutting blades, extra set of motor carbon brushes, removable side handle, chip collector attachment, tool kit and operations manual, plastic molded carrying case PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 294BNCE20 SAW $314.99 294RBBNCENH REPLACEMENT BLADE, NO HUB $29.39 #6 REBAR CUTTER 3/4" capacity, 10 amps !! o Cuts up to 3/4" 60 grade rebar in only 3 seconds !! o Delivers 15 tons of cutting pressure Includes: Durable plastic carrying case, hydraulic oil, tool kit PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 294DC20WH #6 3/4" ELECTRIC REBAR CUTTER $1,469.99 294IC1311 REPL. BLADES ONLY $141.79 294TU20K REPL. BLADE KIT $157.49 #8 REBAR CUTTER 1" capacity !! o Only draws 12 amps !! o Delivers 30 tons of cutting pressure !! o Weighs 49.6 lbs. Includes: steel carrying case, hydraulic oil, tool kit PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 294DC25X #8 OR 1" ELECTRIC REBAR CUTTER $2,026.49 294IC1911 REPL. BLADES ONLY $146.99 294TU25K REPL. BLADE KIT $167.99 294BN7356 (1) QT. OIL $18.89 DBC-16H REBAR CUTTER/BENDER Combination Cutter/Bender Unit !! o Powerful electric/hydraulic design is for heavy-duty #5 (16 mm) grade 60 rebar cutting and bending !! o Bends rebar up to 180 degrees !! o Cut Speed: 3 Seconds !! o Electric motor 115v, 50/60 Hz -10 amps Includes: a steel carrying case, tool kit, hydraulic oil, operations manual, and a one year parts and labor warranty PRODUCT NO. PRICE 294DBC16H $3,097.49 REBAR CUTTER 5/8" capacity, 10 amps !! o Double insulated !! o Cuts up to 5/8" 60 grade rebar in only 2.5 seconds !! o Weights 17.5 lbs. !! o Draws 10 amps @ 115 volts Includes: durable plastic carrying case, removable side handle, tool kit PRODUCT NO. PRICE 294DC16W $1,364.99 CORDLESS REBAR CUTTER A lightweight, brushless, cordless battery operated Rebar Cutter !! o Cuts up to #5 (Grade 60) rebar at 3.3 seconds per cut !! o Full 360 rotating tool head !! o Approximately 170 cuts per charge-highest in its class Includes: 25.2 V Li-ion battery ss battery PRODUCT NO. PRICE 381PJRC160 $3,314.89 18V LXT LITHIUM-ION CORDLESS REBAR CUTTER Cuts Up To 60 Grade 3/4" #6 Rebar !! o 4-way rotatable cutting blade provides up to 4,000 cuts !! o Cutting head rotates 360 !! o Adjustable stopper holds rebar at 90 to cutting blade, assists in smooth cutting !! o Ergonomic pistol grip handle with rubberized soft grip !! o Fast and effortless cutting speed of 6.5 seconds for all rebar sizes N UTTER Rebar rovides d PRODUCT NO. PRICE 140XCS01Z $2,309.99 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 380

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