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38 SM hard hats accessories EVOSPEC EYEWEAR FOR JSP EVOLUTION DELUXE 6100 HARD HATS Polycarbonate lens, anti-scratch, retractable into helmet shell !! o Easy assembly !! o Retracts into helmet shell when not in use !! o Meets ANSI Z87.1- 2010 requirements !! o Anti-fog PRODUCT NO. LENS COLOR PRICE 121250EVS000 CLEAR $11.39 121250EVS001 SMOKE $11.39 JSP VENTED EVOLUTION RATCHET HARD HAT White !! o HDPE shell with five raised channels for strength !! o 6-Point suspension system !! o Unique "3D Adjustment" provides precise fit using harness depth settings !! o Vented to reduce inside helmet temperatures e JSP REPLACEMENT SUSPENSION For Evolution Deluxe 6151 and 6161 Hard Hats !! o 6-Point wheel ratchet PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1212806151SP $10.49 2-POINT CHIN STRAP Standard 2-point elastic chin strap fits any JSP hard hat !! o Colored red, white, blue !! o One size !! o 10 per case PRODUCT NO. PRICE 121281CS2PT $3.89 NEW! JSP EVOLUTION DELUXE 6151 HARD HAT High-density polyethylene (HDPE) shell !! o 6-Point polyester textile suspension system !! o Unique "3D Adjustment" provides a precise fit using harness depth settings !! o Evolution Wheel Ratchet is easy to use and creates a firm comfortable fit !! o Chamlon sweatband !! o Non Vented, Type 1, Class E 1212V6151V20 121280E151LY PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 121280E15110 WHITE $15.49 121280E15120 YELLOW $15.49 121280E15130 GREEN $15.49 121280E15139 PINK $15.49 121280E15150 BLUE $15.49 121280E15160 RED $15.49 121280E151LY HI. VIS. LIME $15.69 121280E151OR HI. VIS. ORANGE $15.49 1212V6151V20 YELLOW VENTED CLASS C $15.49 JSP EVOLUTION DELUXE 6161 FULL BRIM HARD HAT 6-Point polyester textile suspension, wheel ratchet adjustment, non-vented, ANSI Z89.1-2009, Type 1, Class E !! o Extended back brim protects neck and ears from the sun's UV rays !! o Finger grips on front and rear, as well as a textured underside 121280E161OR 1212V6161V20 PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 121280E16110 WHITE $21.69 121280E16120 YELLOW $21.69 121280E16130 GREEN $21.69 121280E16150 BLUE $21.69 121280E16160 RED $21.69 121280E161LY HI. VIS. LIME $21.69 121280E161OR HI. VIS. ORANGE $21.69 1212V6161V20 YELLOW (VENTED) $24.19 GO-TO-WORK KIT Allows the employer to order one convenient and uniform kit !! o PPE that an employee will need to do the job !! o Applications include: construction workers, temporary workers, new plant hires and more! Includes: Hard hat, safety glasses, ear plugs, nitrile grip gloves, lime yellow vest kit PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 121GT6121LXL CAP STYLE, L GLOVES $24.79 121GT6141LXL FULL BRIM, L GLOVES $35.09 1216121XLXXL CAP STYLE, XL GLOVES $24.79 1216141XLXXL FULL BRIM, XL GLOVES $35.09 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 1212V6151V10 HARDHAT-WHITE $15.69 1212V6161V10 FULLBRIM-WHITE $21.69 BEST SELLER! 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 38

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