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vibratory plates trench roller SM PRODUCT NO. PRICE 176MVH308GH CFQ . PRICE H CFQ REVERSIBLE VIBRATORY GAS PLATE 4-Cycle, Honda gasoline engines, 5,400 vpm !! o For compaction of interlocking paving stones, trenches, paths, sidewalks and maintenance jobs !! o Single lever direction control provides easy operation !! o Easy access throttle control simplifies operation and reduces fatigue !! o Shockmount system offers a virtually vibration-free guide handle !! o Tough ductile iron base provides extreme durability even under extreme conditions !! o Integrated wheel set simplifies the task of moving plate around the job site ce jobs rol n s ty itions lifies 570-BPU2540A 570-5100000310 MVH308GH MIKASA REVERSIBLE PLATE COMPACTOR 10,116 lbs/cu. ft., Honda GX270 Gas motor, 4,400 vpm !! o Ideal for efficient compaction of sand, gravel and cohesive soils !! o Fold-out front and rear covers for easy maintenance !! o Cyclonic pre-cleaner captures most airborne contaminents for extended engine life and protection !! o Heavy duty shock mounts reduce vibrations to the operator !! o Rugged high strength steel base plate for top performance and easy cleanup !! o Protective steel frame guard with integrated cage !! o 18" W x 34" L without extensions, 24" W x 34" L with extensions RTX-SC3 TRENCH ROLLER, FLEXIBLE DRUM WIDTH Dual drum compaction roller, Kohler or Kubota engine option !! o Infrared remote control for added safety !! o Variable drum width from 32" to 22" !! o Self-lubricating drive and exciter for completely maintenance-free lower end !! o Below the axel exciter in each drum for maximum energy transfer !! o Articulated center joint for maneuverability around building and turns !! o New third receiving eye for better connectivity with remote control !! o 5-year warranty (depending on engine choice) PRODUCT NO. PRICE 5705200008538 $34,765.49 REVERSIBLE VIBRATORY DIESEL PLATE 4-cycle, Honda and Hatz diesel engines, 5,400 vpm !! o Suited for the compaction of building back-fill and of frost and sub bases when constructing roads, paths and parking lots !! o Intuitive guide handle design allows operator to change direction of travel and speed easily !! o Infinitely variable forward and reverse operation !! o Optional extension plates for variety of operating widths PRODUCT NO. MODEL NO. DIMENSIONS CENTRIFUGAL FORCE OPERATING WT. PRICE 570BPU2540A BPU 2540A 19.7" X 29.4" 5625 309 LBS. $4,325.99 570BPU3050A BPU 3050A 18.1" X 29.4" 6744 366 LBS. $5,316.19 5700610423 BPU 3750A 19.7"X29.4" 8317.9 710 LBS. $9,722.99 5700610403 BPU 4045A 17.7" X 35.4" 8992 545 LBS. $12,673.49 PRODUCT NO. MODEL NO. DIMENSIONS CENTRIFUGAL FORCE OPERATING WT. PRICE 5705100000310 DPU 3050H 19.7" X 27.5" 6744 385.8 LBS. $9,701.99 5705100000311 DPU 3750H 19.7" X 29.4" 6744 544.5 LBS. $11,801.99 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 378

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