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plugs couplers Regulators accessories AIR PRESSURE GAUGES General purpose pressure gauges, psi range 0-160 PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2881101160 $25.39 REGULATORS Maintains a nearly constant outlet pressure despite changes in inlet pressure !! o Inlet pressure: Miniature 400 PSIG Others 300 PSIG PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 2884100D MINI W/GAUGE $39.79 2881112160DR GAUGE $13.39 G-SERIES 3/8" AUTOMOTIVE COUPLERS PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 288C5 3/8" MALE $12.79 288C6 3/8" FEMALE $12.59 288C7 1/4" MALE $13.29 288C8RET 1/4" FEMALE $13.59 G-SERIES 3/8" AUTOMOTIVE PLUGS PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 288CP5RET 3/8" MALE $3.39 288CP6 3/8" FEMALE $4.19 288CP7RET 1/4" MALE $3.39 288CP8RET 1/4" FEMALE $3.39 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 288C21 1/4" MALE $5.39 288C20 1/4" FEMALE $6.29 288C2103 3/8" MALE $7.89 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 288CP21RET 1/4" MALE $2.09 288CP20 1/4" FEMALE $2.29 288CP2103RET 3/8" MALE $3.39 D-SERIES 1/4" INDUSTRIAL COUPLERS D-SERIES 1/4" INDUSTRIAL PLUGS PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 288C1 1/4" MALE $6.49 288C2RET 1/4" FEMALE $6.79 288C103 3/8" MALE $7.89 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 288CP1RET 1/4" MALE $2.09 288CP2RET 1/4" FEMALE $2.19 288CP103 3/8" MALE $3.39 C-SERIES 1/4" AUTOMOTIVE COUPLERS C-SERIES 1/4" AUTOMOTIVE PLUGS SM Paul Soultz Counter Sales Hilo, HI What are some of our featured services that most customers don't know about? Some customers might not be aware that we repair tools and equipment. We're also fabricators of steel products and rent many types of equipment large and small. Tell us about a time when our service saved the day for your customers. Recently, we had a rash of storms that blew through and increased our generator sales and repairs. Many customers were relieved that we had these products and services and they were even happier when our prices didn't increase because of the demand. Tell us how teamwork with other Associates helps your customers. Teamwork is an important part of our operations every day here in Hilo, Hawaii. All Associates inside and out always work together to help where it's needed. It's something that our customers are always commenting about. They have a better experience when they're here and we enjoy our work more by getting every job done in a safe and efficient manner. Our Associates don't just sell stuff. They're part of an experienced team that gives you the service you expect. Here's Paul Soultz from our Hilo, Hawaii location to share his thoughts on our service. WhiteCap.com 365 VISIT US ONLINE

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