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nailers 1-1/2" TO 2-1/2" STRAP-TITE STRIP NAILER Most narrow design in its class !! o Sequential firing mechanism !! o Magazine capacity is 44 fasteners !! o Overhanging nail tip locates pre-punched holes !! o Lightweight at ONLY 6.4 lbs. !! o 80-120 psi, 3/8" air inlet !! o Shoots up to 2-1/2" X .162 paper-collated 34 fasteners Includes: Safety glasses and 3 hex bar wrenches PRODUCT NO. PRICE 281NR65AK2 $367.49 2" TO 3-1/2" GAS POWERED CLIP HEAD NAILER Fires 1,200 nails per fuel rod and 4,000 nails per battery charge !! o Uses 7.2-volt battery !! o Magazine capacity: 37 nails !! o Heavy-duty construction with a double-lock fuel compartment Includes: Safety glasses, 7.2-volt battery, charger and carrying case 1-3/4" TO 3" ROUND HEAD COIL FRAMING NAILER Compatible with both wire and plastic-coated collated fasteners !! o Directional exhaust !! o New side-load bucket with tilt-out feature !! o Accurate tool-less depth of drive !! o Drives both wire collated and plastic sheet collated nails for added flexibility !! o 5.5 lbs., lightweight and well balanced Includes: Safety glasses, 3 Allen wrenches and nose cap PRODUCT NO. PRICE 281NV75AG $461.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 281NR90GC2 CLIP HEAD NAILER $426.29 281728985B8 DEGREASER FOR GAS GUNS $31.49 281728986B12 LUBRICANT FOR GAS GUNS $5.59 INCORPORATED MINI PALM NAILER Extremely lightweight !! o The smallest palm nailer available !! o Built for professional use with a steel cap and a high quality driver blade PRODUCT NO. PRICE 281MPN1 $47.29 CORDLESS GAS POWERED FRAMING NAILER Ideal for framers, general contractors, custom homebuilders and remodelers !! o Improved toe-nailing at any angle !! o Easy firing in hard-to-reach places !! o QuickLode Fuel - drop in fuel cell and go !! o Use with fuel and nail combo packs and never run out of fuel Includes: Safety glasses, 1 orange quicklode fuel cell, rechargeable 6V oval battery, 2-hour AC battery charger, rugged carrying case, 5/32" hex wrench PRODUCT NO. PRICE 427CF325 $419.99 WhiteCap.com 359 VISIT US ONLINE 29 427CF325

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