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Generators Adapters COMMERCIAL GENERATORS 3,500 to 7,500 max watt output !! o AC receptacles - one 30 amp, 120/240 volt twistlock !! o GFCI receptacles !! o AC circuit breaker !! o Automatic Voltage Regulation System (AVR) 107SGX3500 INDUSTRIAL GENERATORS With full power switch and AC circuit breaker !! o AC twistlock receptacles - one 120/240 volt 30 amp twistlock and one 120 volt 30 amp twistlock are standard equipment !! o Automatic idler control lowers the engine speed when no electrical power is needed, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing excess noise !! o GFCI receptacles 107RGX4800 107RGX6500 107RGX7500 GENERATOR ADAPTERS Primelight power indicator light !! o Oil and water resistant !! o Flame-retardant !! o Double-jacketed, super abrasion resistant !! o Ultra-flexible in extreme temperatures from -58F up to +221F (-50C up to +105C) !! o 30A locking plug connectors two 20A T-slot connectors, or three 30A T-slot connectors !! o Indicator light shows when there is power to the cord PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 107SGX3500 7 HP, 3,500 MAX WATT OUTPUT $918.79 107SGX5000 9.5 HP, 4,900 MAX WATT OUTPUT $1,139.29 107SGX7500E 14HP, 7500 WATT MAX OUTPUT $1,795.49 PRODUCT NO. HP WATTS DESCRIPTION PRICE 107RGX4800 9 4,800 W/O ELECTRIC START $1,837.49 107RGX4800E 9 4,800 WITH ELECTRIC START $2,057.99 107RGX6500 12 6,500 W/O ELECTRIC START $2,246.99 107RGX6500E 12 6,500 WITH ELECTRIC START $2,441.29 107RGX7500 14 7,500 W/O ELECTRIC START $2,536.79 107RGX7500E 14 7,500 WITH ELECTRIC START $2,735.29 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 135GCT20903 30 AMP TWIST-TO-LOCK TO 20 AMP "Y" ADAPTER $22.09 135GC130802 30 AMP TWIST-TO-LOCK TO 20 AMP "W" ADAPTER $25.39 20KW TOWABLE GENERATOR 60hz, 25kva, 480v, 3 phase !! o Fuel efficient diesel engine is Tier 4 final approved !! o Single and three phase power output with switchable voltage settings !! o Sound attenuation ideal for construction site use and special events !! o Electronic governor maintains frequency to .25% from no load to full load !! o Patented open delta windings maintains voltage control, providing superior motor starting capability PRODUCT NO. PRICE 176DCS25SSI $24,905.99 WhiteCap.com 355 VISIT US ONLINE 135GC130 99

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