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Dust Shrouds Vacuums Vacuum Accessories SM DUST COLLECTION SHROUDS !! o Rotating flush grinding edging door !! o Universal DEWALT hose connection system, locks onto tool with a twist and click !! o Robust metal and glass filled nylon housing !! o Replaceable brush skirt system !! o Tool free clamp system !! o Fits all DEWALT LAGs but ideally suited for DWE4597 and DWE4557 324DWE46170 PERMANENT ADAPTER Fits 1" O.D. port PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DWV9160 $12.79 10 GALLON DUST EXTRACTOR WITH AUTOMATIC FILTER CLEAN Powerful 15 amp motor delivers 140 CFM of airflow for maximum suction !! o Meets EPA lead-related renovations, repair and painting (RRP) rule for HEPA vacuum only when DWV9320 filter is used (filter included with unit) !! o Lightweight and portable weighing in at only 33.5 lbs. !! o Heavy duty wheels and locking casters !! o Multiple lift and tie down points to secure vac to scaffolding or during transportation !! o Simple one switch operation to select tool actuation or vac only !! o Unit comes fully assembled !! o Can be used with wet or dry applications Includes: 2 HEPA filters, 15' hose PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 324DWV012 DUST EXTRACTOR $566.99 324DWV9320 HEPA FILTER (2 PK) FOR DWV012 $99.39 324DWV9315 REPLACEMENT HOSE FOR DWV012 $70.69 324DWV9316 ANTI-STATIC HOSE FOR DWV012 $107.69 324DWV9400 PLASTIC TANK LINER (5 PK) $18.89 324DWV9401 PAPER DUST BAG (5 PK) $18.89 324DWV9402 FLEECE DUST BAG (5 PK) $34.39 324D279058CL 1-1/4" HOSE CORD CLIPS $14.49 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 324DWV9000 VAC ADAPTOR $21.79 324DWE46170 7" DUST SHROUD $123.59 324DWE46152 5" BARE SHROUD $83.99 5-PC. DUST EXTRACTOR KIT !! o Get the full use out of your dust extractor Includes: Floor squeegee, crevice tool, (2) extension wands, curved wand, accessory bag PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324D279059 $75.09 LARGE HOSE ADAPTER Connects to 2-1/2" O.D. hose !! o Fits with DWV9000 universal connector for quick and easy connection to tool dust port PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DWV9190 $15.39 TAPERED ADAPTER Fits ports 1.14"-1.42" O.D. (29 -36 mm) PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DWV9110 $15.19 35MM TOOL ADAPTER Fits 1 .37" O.D. ports (35mm) PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DWV9130 $13.39 35MM RUBBER ADAPTER Fits ports with 1.37"-1.54" O.D. (35-39mm) PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DWV9120 $17.69 1.25 ADAPTER Fits 1.25" OD ports (31 mm) PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DWV9170 $13.39 35MM ANGLED ADAPTER Fits 1.37" O.D. ports (35mm) PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DWV9150 $13.39 324DWE46152 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 348

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