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Vacuums Filters Accessories NEGATIVE AIR MACHINE Two Operating Speeds: 2,000 CFM (High) & 1,300 CFM (Low) !! o Standard 6"-deep 99.97% efficiency hepa filter !! o Accepts 12"-deep replacement 99.97% efficiency hepa filter high-performance motor & blower !! o Convenient back panel-mounted controls !! o Two fixed & two locking 4" swivel casters !! o Attached exhaust collar for 12" flex duct molded inlet manifold for 12" flex duct (not included) PRODUCT NO. PRICE 227H2KM2000CFM $926.19 HEPA FILTER !! o HEPA Filter - made from a single piece of high-grade HEPA media to eliminate the possibility of leaks !! o "Never Clog" Dacron Filter Bag - sheds dirt and debris like a duck sheds water, shakes clean to maintain maximum airflow PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 689B260619 HEPA FILTER ASSEMBLY $238.79 689B702340 HEPA FILTER $249.49 689B000517 DACRON FILTER BAG $17.89 689B701885 AIRSEAL GASKET $3.39 PAPER FILTER DISPOSABLE BAG 45/86 2 ply paper filter bag !! o Acts as primary filter to trap and hold dry material PRODUCT NO. PRICE 689B700408 $4.39 10-GALLON DRY HEPA VACUUM 2 hp, 110 c.f.m. 105" waterlift !! o High efficiency "drop-in" style HEPA filter individually certified to have a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at .3 microns (based on 1EST-RP-CC007 particle count test method) !! o Includes Pullman-Holt's exclusive "never-clog" dacron bag for superior pre-filtrationt Includes: Dacron bag, dry only 10' x 1.5" crushproof hose, 5' two-piece metal wand, 10" crevice tool, 16" floor carpet tool, round dusting brush PRODUCT NO. PRICE 68945ASB $509.29 DOWNLOAD OUR FREE MOBILE APP! USE OUR MOBILE WEBSITE ON ANY SMART DEVICE - NO APP REQUIRED! SHOP RESEARCH, SHOP AND ORDER WITH JUST A FEW CLICKS PROMOTIONS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR MOST CURRENT PROMOTIONS AND SPECIAL OFFERS CONCRETE CALCULATOR CALCULATE YOUR MOST COMMON CONCRETE NEEDS LOCATIONS ALL OF HD SUPPLY WHITE CAP'S LOCATIONS, MAPS AND DIRECTIONS QUICKLY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS SIGN UP FOR AN ONLINE ACCOUNT FOR EXCLUSIVE DEALS! WhiteCap.com 347 VISIT US ONLINE

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