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Vacuum Accessories 1-1/2" BY 12' CRUSHPROOF HOSE All purpose hose for industrial use !! o Medium length !! o Heavy duty !! o Black PRODUCT NO. PRICE 34590566 $68.49 CARTRIDGE FILTER For small, dry debris and wet materials, fits full size vacs !! o Maintains suction power even when used with fine debris like drywall dust !! o Easy to install and clean; fits most Shop-Vac wet/dry vacuums 5-gallon and up PRODUCT NO. PRICE 34590304 $17.79 HEPA CARTRIDGE FILTER The ultimate HEPA filter for wet or dry pickup, fits full size vacs !! o Resists clogging !! o Reusable !! o Easy to clean, tap or rinse PRODUCT NO. PRICE 34590340 $51.99 DRYWALL COLLECTION 5-PACK FILTER BAGS Designed for pick-up of fine dust like drywall and cement PRODUCT NO. USE WITH PRICE 34591905 5-8 GALLON $34.39 34591906 10-14 GALLON $48.49 34591907 16-22 GALLON $51.99 SM Cindy Dow Product Sales Specialist Columbus, GA Tell us about a time when our service saved the day for one of your customers. Recently, a job called for installation of more than a thousand feet of silt fencing. The trench was already dug and the crew was starting to unroll the silt fence when I got there. I noticed right away that they had the wrong product. I got on the phone and had a pallet of the correct fencing delivered to the jobsite within an hour. How does our service set us apart from the competition? It's our experience, knowledge and expertise. I have my Red Card as a 1B Certified Inspector in Georgia and am a qualified Stormwater Management Inspector for the state of Florida, so I can inspect land disturbance areas for compliance with state erosion and sedimentation laws. Our customers can count on me to help them with their compliance goals. How important is erosion control in getting a job completed on time and on budget? Erosion control is critical to a project. Improper material and installation can shut a job down, costing time and money. Our Associates don't just sell stuff. They are all part of an experienced team that gives you the service you expect. Here's Cindy Dow from our Columbus, Georgia location to share her thoughts on our services. WhiteCap.com 345 VISIT US ONLINE

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