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Flange Kits Spanner Wrenches Bladerollers 5/8"-11 FLANGE KIT FOR MINI GRINDERS !! o Used on model nos. 1375A, 1347A, 1347AK, 1700A, 1701A, 1706AE, 1710A, 1711A, 1703AEVS !! o Thread: 5/8'' -11, overall diameter: 7/8'' shoulder PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162610906323 $19.39 / UNIVERSAL MINI BLADEROLLER For scoring and tuck pointing !! o Installs in seconds !! o Great for crack-chasing and tuck pointing !! o Adjustable depth of cut !! o Non-marking wheels PRODUCT NO. PRICE 201BR45003 $86.59 4-1/2" RUBBER BACKING PAD W/NUT !! o 4-1/2" diameter !! o 12,500 max rpm PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162MG0450 $12.79 SM Craig Freshour Forming Inside Sales Honolulu, HI What are some of our featured services that most customers might not know about? I don't think all of our customers know that we sell electric and gas power tools. And they probably don't know that we repair all of those tools right here at the Honolulu branch. Tell us about a time when our service saved the day for one of your customers. Normally we promise our customers next day delivery. But I know there have been several occasions that we were able to arrange same day truck delivery service. When our Dispatcher, Drivers and Warehouse Associates pull together, our team can do whatever it takes to help customers keep their projects on schedule. Tell us how teamwork with other Associates helps your customer. Teamwork is a daily routine for us here in the Hawaiian Islands. We could not be successful here without all of us working together as a team and showing our customers the Aloha spirit in everything we touch. Our Associates don't just sell stuff. They're part of an experienced team that will give you the service you expect. Here's Craig Freshour from our Honolulu, Hawaii location to share some of his thoughts on our services. UNIVERSAL SPANNER WRENCH Adjustable spanner wrench for tightening and loosening center nuts !! o No need for multiple tools !! o Adjusts to fit most lock-nuts on 4" and larger polishers, grinders, sanders PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 63095008 SPANNER WRENCH $20.39 92463622600 SPANNER NUT $9.49 92463325700 FLANGE $6.09 WhiteCap.com 331 VISIT US ONLINE

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