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Angle Grinders 4-1/2" ANGLE GRINDER 6.0 amps, 11,000 rpm, 3.1 lbs. !! o Small circumference (2 1/4") barrel grip for added comfort !! o Labyrinth construction seals and protects from dust and debris !! o Rotatable gear housing can be positioned every 90 for cutting applications PRODUCT NO. PRICE 140GA4530 $74.99 4-1/2" PADDLE SWITCH ANGLE GRINDER 7.5 amps, 10,000 rpm, AC/DC motor !! o Labyrinth construction seals and protects from dust and debris !! o All ball bearing design and metal gear housing !! o Small diameter barrel grip for added comfort Includes: Aluminum case, (4) 4-1/2" grinding wheels, diamond wheel PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 1409557PB GRINDER ONLY $89.99 1409557PBX1 GRINDER WITH CASE $94.99 4-1/2" ANGLE GRINDER 10 amps, 10,500 rpm, Mechanical Slip Clutch System !! o Super Joint System (SJS) technology helps prevent motor and gear damage !! o Large flush-mount paddle switch with lock-off !! o "Tool-less" wheel guard adjustment !! o Spiral bevel gears for smoother rotations !! o Protective zig-zag varnish on armature coil !! o Labyrinth construction protects against dust and debris !! o AC/DC switch for use with alternative power sources PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1409564P $104.99 4-1/2" PADDLE SWITCH ANGLE GRINDER WITH 2-1/4" BARREL 6.0 amps, 11,000 rpm, 4.2 lbs. !! o Labyrinth construction with protective zig-zag varnish seals and protects from dust and debris !! o Paddle switch design with no lock-on !! o All-ball bearing design and metal gear housing !! o Machined bevel gears provide up to 2x longer service life !! o 20 angle side handle PRODUCT NO. PRICE 140GA4534 $94.99 4-1/2" SMALL ANGLE GRINDER 11 amp, 11,000 rpm, 1,400 mwo !! o Paddle, lock-on !! o Overload protection !! o Electronic clutch !! o Tool-free accessory change and guard !! o Advanced airflow system !! o Debris baffles Includes: type 27 guard, grinding wheel, side handle, spanner wrench, flanges, contractor bag PRODUCT NO. PRICE 131614630 $114.99 PADDLE CORDED GRINDER 4.5", 8 amps, 5/8" spindle !! o Sealed paddle switch with lock-on keeps debris out !! o Vibration control handle reduces vibration up to 60% !! o AC/DC capability !! o Service Minder brushes stop tool when maintenance is required !! o 5/8" spindle !! o Tool-free adjustable guard PRODUCT NO. PRICE 162AG4085P $114.99 PRICE $114 99 4-1/2" ANGLE GRINDER 6 amps, 11,000 rpm !! o Sealed Lock-on/off switch !! o Sealed switch keeps debris out !! o Service-minder brushes !! o 5/8"-11 spindle, spindle lock !! o Tool-free adjustable guard !! o 2-position auxiliary handle !! o Double-insulated, UL-listed, complies to OSHA Includes: Auxiliary handle, flange kit, spanner wrench, abrasive wheel PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1621375A $64.99 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! WhiteCap.com 323 VISIT US ONLINE 4.99 140GA45

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