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CORDED DRILLS 3/8" CLOSE QUARTER ANGLE DRILL 6 amps, 0-2,500 rpm !! o Metal framed gear train for longer gear life !! o Large paddle trigger for smooth control and easy grip in any position !! o Angled chuck for reaching close quarters other drills cannot reach !! o Textured palm grip reduces slipping Includes: chuck key with holder h der PRODUCT NO. PRICE 131037020 $151.99 1/2" COMPACT DRILL 7 amps !! o 1/2" capacity in steel !! o Easy to use with its extra long handles !! o Made for 2-handed operation !! o For large hole drilling or material mixing !! o Heat-treated gears are helical-cut for quiet performance Includes: pipe handle PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 13116101 650 RPM, REVERSING $269.99 13116606 450 RPM, REVERSING $259.99 13116301 900 RPM, REVERSING $279.99 1/2" HOLE- HAWG DRILL 7.5 amps, 300 and 1,200 rpm, reversing !! o Handles up to 4-5/8" self-feed bits !! o High torque and high speed makes this perfect for the heavy-duty user Includes: Pipe handle PRODUCT NO. PRICE 13116756 $314.99 1/2" SUPER HAWG 13 amps, 1,750/450 rpm !! o Low-Speed Clutch - Protects gear train !! o Fast Drilling - Highest rpm in its class !! o Rotating Handle !! o T-Bar Front Grip - Helps guide bit with ease !! o Cushion Grips - More comfortable, secure gripping Includes: side handle PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 131168020 13A DRILL $359.99 131168021 ANGLE DRILL $379.99 1/2" D-HANDLE RIGHT ANGLE DRILL KIT 7 amps, 0-335/0-750 rpm, reversing !! o 1/2" steel capacity, up to 4-5/8" self-feed bit !! o Head and handle swivel 360 Includes: RAD assembly, side handle, 9/16" open-end wrench, 3/16" socket wrench, chuck remover bar nd wrench, PRODUCT NO. PRICE 13131076 $274.99 3/8" RIGHT ANGLE DRILL 4.0 amps, 0-2,400 rpm !! o Built-in LED light !! o Weighs ONLY 3.5 lbs. !! o 10-5/8" long and 2-5/8" head width !! o Paddle switch with speed limiting dial !! o All-ball bearing construction Includes: drill chuck, chuck key, key holder, side handle PRODUCT NO. PRICE 140DA3010F $254.99 1/2" SPADE HANDLE DRILL 8.5 amp, 600 rpm no load speed, 6.3 lbs. !! o All-ball bearing construction for durability and longer tool life !! o Heavy duty industrial 1/2" drill chuck with positive bit retention !! o Rocker witch for quick forward/reverse transition !! o D-handle rotates 360 with 24 positive stops for multi-positional operation !! o Rubberized grip for operator comfort Includes: Drill chuck, chuck key, side handle onstruction for ger tool life trial 1/2" drill e bit retention uick ransition al operation or huck key, PRODUCT NO. PRICE 140DS4011 $194.99 1/2" STUD & JOIST/DRILL KIT 8 amps, 300/1,200 rpm !! o Mechanical-slip clutch prevents bit lock-up !! o Adjustable front handle and 2-position side handle !! o Mechanically controlled 2-speed to match torque !! o Triple gear reduction Includes: chuck key with holder, 2-position side handle, bail handle PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 324DW124 TOOL ONLY $399.99 324DW124K RIGHT ANGLE DRILL KIT $419.99 1/2" SPADE HANDLE DRILL 9 amp, 0-550 rpm, 7.5 lbs. !! o Variable speed reversible switch !! o Soft grip handle !! o 2-position rear spade handle and 3-position side handle for greater control Includes: Chuck key with holder PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DW130V $189.99 WhiteCap.com 305 VISIT US ONLINE 4.99 324DW12

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