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29 Safety Glasses Accessories OTS SAFETY GLASSES Single lens protection encapsulates the eye for superb protection !! o Lightweight nylon temples that adjust for length and pitch !! o Designed to better fit today's prescription eyewear !! o Lenses provide 99% protection against harmful UV rays !! o Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2010 high impact requirements PRODUCT NO. LENS PRICE 263S3510SJ CLEAR $4.59 263S3520SJ GRAY $4.59 OTS-XL SAFETY GLASSES Ergonomic designed fits over prescription glasses !! o Lenses are 10% larger than the original OTS !! o Single lens encapsulates entire eye !! o Lightweight, adjustable nylon temples !! o Meets ANSI Z87.1 high impact standards !! o Provides 99% protection from harmful UV-A and UV-B rays PRODUCT NO. LENS PRICE 263S7510SJ CLEAR $5.29 263S7520SJ GRAY $5.29 263S7580SJ I/O $5.29 PERFORATED GOGGLES Provides excellent ventilation !! o Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 standards PRODUCT NO. LENS PRICE 175G201 CLEAR $2.39 DEFIANT SAFETY GLASSES Jumbo size available to fit over glasses !! o Lenses provide 99% protection against harmful UV rays !! o Lenses are coated for superior scratch resistance PRODUCT NO. PRICE 263SB1010SJ $6.19 SQUIDS 3275 NEOPRENE EYEWEAR RETAINER Neoprene construction !! o Fits standard frames !! o Attaching ends slide on frame for adjustment PRODUCT NO. PRICE 34319402 $3.19 ANTI-FOG GOGGLES Special one-way vent allows air to enter while keeping liquids out !! o Offers protection from excessive glare !! o Scratch-resistant lenses PRODUCT NO. LENS PRICE 263G304T CLEAR $8.29 LENS CLEANING STATION Used for glasses, goggles, and face shields !! o Anti-fog and anti-static formula !! o Good for glass, plastic or polycarbonate lenses PRE-MOISTENED LENS CLEANING TOWELETTES For safety goggles, face shields, and glasses !! o Anti-fog and anti- static formula !! o Good for glass, plastic or polycarbonate lenses !! o Contains 100 individually packaged tissues PRODUCT NO. PRICE 263LCT100 $9.79 CAPSTONE GOGGLE FACE SHIELD COMBINATION Goggle incorporated with removable shield !! o Four ventilation holes provide appropriate airflow !! o Fits over prescription glasses !! o Fully adjustable elastic band Includes: Clear lens Capstone goggles, 2 disposable tear-off visors PRODUCT NO. PRICE 263GG504TSHD $25.79 PRODUCT NO. SIZE QUANTITY PRICE 263LCS10 80Z 600 $10.29 263LCS20 160Z 1200 $13.39 WhiteCap.com 29 VISIT US ONLINE

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