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27 Eye protection safety glasses V2-READER SAFETY GLASSES Available in a variety of magnifying strengths !! o Stylish, ergonomic frame combined with sleek polycarbonate lenses !! o Black frame PRODUCT NO. LENS PRICE 263SB1810R10 CLEAR +1.0 $11.39 263SB1810R15 CLEAR +1.5 $11.39 263SB1810R20 CLEAR +2.0 $11.39 263SB1810R25 CLEAR +2.5 $11.39 263SB1810R30 CLEAR +3.0 $11.39 263SB1820R15 GRAY +1.5 $11.39 263SB1820R20 GRAY +2.0 $11.39 263SB1820R25 GRAY +2.5 $11.39 263SB1820R30 GRAY +3.0 $11.39 263SB1880R15 INDOOR/OUTDOOR MIRROR +1.5 $11.39 263SB1880R20 INDOOR/OUTDOOR MIRROR +2.0 $11.39 263SB1880R25 INDOOR/OUTDOOR MIRROR +2.5 $11.39 PMXTREME READER SAFETY EYEWEAR Optimal style in safety eyewear !! o Built-in rubber nose piece !! o Ventilated, straight-back flexible temples !! o Rubber temple tips !! o Lanyard cord included !! o Clear Lens !! o Black frame ewear PRODUCT NO. LENS PRICE 263SB6310S15 1.5 READER LENS $12.39 263SB6310S20 2.0 READER LENS $12.39 263SB6310S25 2.5 READER LENS $12.39 INTRUDER SERIES SAFETY EYEWEAR 100% polycarbonate economical spectacles !! o Lenses are hard coated for superior scratch resistance !! o Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2010 high impact resistance requirements !! o Superior comfort and fit VENTURE 3 SAFETY GLASSES Stylish, ergonomic frame with sleek polycarbonate lenses !! o 99% protection from UV-A and UV-B rays !! o High quality optics for extreme clarity !! o Soft adjustable nose piece !! o Black frame PRODUCT NO. LENS PRICE 263SB5710D CLEAR $5.69 263SB5710DT CLEAR ANTI-FOG $5.69 263SB5720D GRAY $5.69 263SB5780D INDOOR/ OUTDOOR $5.69 PRODUCT NO. LENS PRICE 263SB5720DT GRAY ANTI-FOG $5.69 263SB5730D AMBER $5.69 263SB5760D INFINITY BLUE $5.69 263SB5770D SILVER MIRROR $5.69 PMXTREME SAFETY EYEWEAR First class optical lens provides unrestricted vision !! o Includes black lanyard cord with rubber tips !! o Ventilated, straight- back flexible temples PRODUCT NO. FRAME LENS PRICE 263SB6330SP BLACK AMBER $8.29 121SB6310SP BLACK CLEAR $8.29 121SB6310STP BLACK CLEAR ANTI-FOG $8.29 121SB6320SP BLACK GRAY $8.29 121SB6320STP BLACK GRAY ANTI-FOG $8.29 263SB6360SP BLACK INFINITY BLUE $8.29 121SB6370SP BLACK SILVER MIRROR $8.29 121SB6345SP BLACK ICE ORANGE MIRROR $8.29 121SB6380SP BLACK INDOOR/OUTDOOR MIRROR $8.29 263SCM6310ST CAMOUFLAGE CLEAR ANTI-FOG $11.39 263SCM6820ST CAMOUFLAGE GRAY ANTI-FOG $11.39 263SR6320SP RED GRAY $8.29 263SCM6318ST CAMOUFLAGE SANDSTONE BRONZE ANTI-FOG $11.39 PROTOCOL Stylish, ergonomic frame with polycarbonate lenses !! o Unisex design incorporates the elements of safety and fashion eyewear !! o Flexible PVC nose pads and temple tips generate a soft cushion for a high level of comfort e with polycarbonate lenses es PRODUCT NO. FRAME LENS PRICE 121SB6210D BLACK CLEAR $6.69 121SB6210DT BLACK CLEAR ANTI-FOG $6.69 121SB6220D BLACK GRAY $6.69 121SB6220DT BLACK GRAY ANTI-FOG $6.69 121SB6265D BLACK ICE BLUE MIRROR $6.69 121SB6280D BLACK I/O MIRROR $6.69 121SB6270D BLACK SILVER MIRROR $6.69 121SB6255D BLACK SKY RED MIRROR $6.69 121ST6215D TORTOISE COFFEE $6.69 121ST6280D TORTOISE I/O MIRROR $6.69 PMXSLIM SAFETY GLASSES Offer a slim fit for smaller facial features !! o Dual injected temple design includes a soft rubber tips for a non-slip fit !! o Meets ANSI Z87.1 High Impact Requirements !! o Frameless t PRODUCT NO. LENS PRICE 263S7110ST CLEAR ANTI-FOG $3.69 263S7120ST GRAY ANTI-FOG $3.69 263S7170S SILVER MIRROR $3.69 263S7175S BLUE MIRROR $3.69 PRODUCT NO. LENS PRICE 263S4130S AMBER $2.89 121S4110S CLEAR $2.89 121S4110ST CLEAR ANTI FOG $2.89 121S4120S GRAY $2.89 263S4120ST GRAY ANTI-FOG $2.89 PRODUCT NO. LENS PRICE 121S4180S INDOOR/OUTDOOR $2.89 263S4180ST INDOOR/OUTDOOR ANTI-FOG $2.89 263S4160S INFINITY BLUE $2.89 263S4170S SILVER MIRROR $2.89 WhiteCap.com 27 VISIT US ONLINE 263SB18 .39

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