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26 SM Eye protection safety glasses VENTURE II BLACK SAFETY GLASSES The original dual lens wrap around safety glasses !! o Lenses are coated for superior scratch resistance !! o Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2010 high- impact requirements !! o Lenses provide 99% protection against harmful UV rays !! o Exceeds CSA Z94.3 standards !! o Black Frame OUTLANDER SAFETY EYEWEAR Suitable for both working environments and sports activities !! o Sporty dual lens style with wide temples !! o Soft nose piece provides comfort for extended use without slipping !! o Meets ANSI Z87.1- High Impact requirements GOLIATH SAFETY GLASSES Strength with style and protection !! o Ideal for outdoor applications that require impact protection !! o First class optical lens provides unrestricted vision !! o Provides protection from excessive glare FURIX SAFETY EYEWEAR Wraparound style fits all sizes !! o Equipped with anti-fog lenses !! o Protects against 99.9% UV rays !! o Lightweight contemporary frame EMERGE SAFETY EYEWEAR Stylish dual lens with full eye protection !! o Full lens magnification !! o Soft nose piece !! o Full eye protection !! o Available for RX options !! o Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 PRODUCT NO. FRAME LENS PRICE 263SB5610D BLACK CLEAR $8.29 263SB5620D BLACK GRAY $8.29 263SB5621D BLACK POLARIZED GRAY $42.29 263SB5645D BLACK ICE ORANGE $8.29 263SB5665D BLACK ICE BLUE MIRROR $8.29 263SB5670D BLACK SILVER MIRROR $8.29 263SB5680D BLACK INDOOR/OUTDOOR MIRROR $8.29 263SW5620D WHITE GRAY $8.29 263SW5655D WHITE SKY RED MIRROR $8.29 263SW5665D WHITE ICE BLUE MIRROR $8.29 PRODUCT NO. LENS PRICE 263SB1810S CLEAR $5.69 263SB1810ST CLEAR ANTI-FOG $5.69 263SB1820S GRAY $5.69 263SB1820ST GRAY ANTI-FOG $5.69 263SB1830S AMBER $5.69 263SB1835S SUN BLOCK BRONZE $5.69 263SB1840S ORANGE $5.69 263SB1860SF 3.0 IR FILTER $10.29 263SB1870S SILVER MIRROR $5.69 263SB1875S BLUE MIRROR $5.69 263SB1880S INDOOR/OUTDOOR MIRROR $5.69 263SB1880ST ANTI-FOG IN/OUTDOOR MIRROR $5.69 263SB1890S GOLD MIRROR $5.39 263SB1850SF 5.0 IR FILTER $10.29 263SB1860S INFINITY BLUE $5.69 121SB1810SB CLEAR $5.69 263SH1810S CLEAR REALTREE $7.19 263SH1820S GRAY REALTREE $7.19 PRODUCT NO. FRAME LENS PRICE 263SB8010D BLACK CLEAR $9.79 263SB8020D BLACK GRAY $9.79 263SB8065D BLACK ICE BLUE MIRROR $9.79 263SB8070D BLACK SILVER MIRROR $9.79 263SBG8010D BLACK-GOLD CLEAR $9.79 263SBG8018D BLACK-GOLD BRONZE $9.79 263SBG8020D BLACK-GOLD GRAY $9.79 263SCM8010D CARAMEL CLEAR $9.79 263SCM8018D CARAMEL BRONZE $9.79 263SCM8020D CARAMEL GRAY $9.79 263SNK8020D NICKEL GRAY $9.79 PRODUCT NO. FRAME LENS PRICE 263SB7910D15 BLACK CLEAR LENS 1.5 $12.39 263SB7910D20 BLACK CLEAR LENS 2.0 $12.39 263SB7910DRX BLACK CLEAR LENS $12.39 263SB7950SF BLACK 5.0 IR FILTER $13.39 263SB7960SF BLACK 3.0 IR FILTER $13.39 263SG7910DRX GRAY CLEAR LENS $12.39 263SG7910D15 GRAY CLEAR LENS 1.5 $12.39 263SG7910D20 GRAY CLEAR LENS 2.0 $12.39 263STC7910DX CARAMEL CLEAR LENS $12.39 263STC791015 CARAMEL CLEAR LENS 1.5 $12.39 263STC791020 CARAMEL CLEAR LENS 2.0 $12.39 PRODUCT NO. FRAME LENS PRICE 263SB8510DT BLACK CLEAR $12.39 263SB8515DT BLACK COFFEE $12.39 263SB8520DT BLACK GREY $12.39 263SB8575DT BLACK BLUE MIRROR $12.39 263SW8520DT WHITE GREY $12.39 263SW8575DT WHITE BLUE MIRROR $12.39 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 26

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