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Chargers Radios WORK LIGHTS 18V/20V MAX DUAL PORT CHARGER AND BATTERIES Charges in 1 hour or less !! o Port 1: 12V/20V MAX li-ion batteries !! o Port 2: 7.2V/18V NiCd/NiMH/li-ion batteries (except Univolt batteries) !! o LED battery charge status indicator PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 324DCB201 1.5 AH BATTERY (1-PACK) $85.49 324DCB2032 1.5 AH BATTERY (2-PACK) $144.19 324DCB200 3.0 AH BATTERY (1-PACK) $102.99 324DCB2002 3.0 AH BATTERY (2-PACK) $173.39 324DCB203 2.0 AH BATTERY (1-PACK) $92.69 324DCB204 4.0 AH BATTERY (1-PACK) $123.59 324DCB2042 4.0 AH BATTERY (2-PACK) $164.79 324DCB205 5.0 AH BATTERY (1-PACK) $144.19 324DCB2052 5.0 AH BATTERY (2-PACK) $205.99 324DCB103 18V/20V MAX CHARGER $111.49 20V MAX LI-ION LED WORK LIGHT Bright LED output - 110 Lumens !! o Integral hook for hands free use in multiple placements !! o Head rotates 120 !! o Low heat output compared to Xenon lights !! o Efficient LED bulb improves run-time !! o Bare tool only, battery sold separately PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DCL040 $57.79 12V/20V MAX USB POWER SOURCE Allows you to work with all DEWALT slide style battery packs !! o Charge up to 2 small USB compatible electronic devices on/at the jobsite off your 12V or 20V Max Batteries when AC power is not available !! o Battery sold separately PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DCB090 $37.09 atible site es PRIC $37 12V/20V MAX WORKSITE CHARGER RADIO 2 amp charger allows for quick charging of 12V Max and 20V max batteries !! o Runs off 12V Max & 20V Max batteries !! o 2 AC power outlets !! o Auxiliary and USB ports for connection to digital audio devices !! o Device storage box protects electronic devices !! o Class D amplifier, woofers and tweeters for full range of high and low sound PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DCR015 $230.99 COMPACT WORKSITE RADIO 12V, 18V, or 20V MAX battery powered (Non-Charging) !! o Able to be powered by 19V NiCad/ 12V Max or 20V Max DEWALT battereis !! o AC/DC power allowing the flexibility to be powered by AC power cord or DEWALT power tool bateries !! o Device storage box protects digital audio devices from jobsite debris and damage !! o Battery sold separately PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324DCR018 $139.99 debris and damage separately WhiteCap.com 257 VISIT US ONLINE 7.09 7.0 324DCR0

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