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AIR COMPRESSOR ACCESSORIES SM AIR KING SAFETY CLIPS Same size for all couplings !! o Prevents couplings from accidentally disconnecting !! o Will not go through holes in mating flanges until couplings are locked in place PRODUCT NO. PRICE 288AC1 $8.29 AIR KING UNIVERSAL COUPLING WITH 3/4" BARBED END Made of malleable iron PRODUCT NO. PRICE 288AM6 $4.39 AIR KING TRIPLE CONNECTOR Made of malleable iron PRODUCT NO. PRICE 288AM10 $8.99 AIR KING UNIVERSAL COUPLING WASHERS Use the same size washer for all coupling sizes !! o Washers are neoprene rubber and oil resistant PRODUCT NO. PRICE 288AWR4 .79 HEAVY DUTY RED RUBBER HAMMERHEAD HOSE 3/4" dia., 300 max psi, -30F to 180F temp. range !! o Accommodates in line oil misting !! o Smooth cut and abrasion resistant !! o Synthetic yarn reinforcement Includes: Couplers PRODUCT NO. PRICE 1673450RD $63.59 AIR KING NPT ENDS Made of malleable iron MALE PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 288AMB 3/8" NPT $4.19 288AM2 1/2" NPT $4.09 288AM7 3/4" NPT $4.19 288AM12 1" NPT $4.49 FEMALE PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 288AMC 3/8" NPT $3.69 288AM3 1/2" NPT $4.09 288AM8 3/4" NPT $4.09 288AM13 1" NPT $4.19 OILER Provides efficient lubrication for tools !! o Adjustable oil flow setting !! o Also available in 1L, 2L & 3L (3.7, 11.0/16.0 Oz. respectively) and constant feed 2L oilers for rock drills !! o Prolongs the life of the tool !! o Use small oiler for chipping hammers, small breakers !! o Use larger oiler for rivet busters, tampers, diggers and large breakers PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 20017755 SMALL $47.59 20017756 MEDIUM $61.19 DOUBLE WHIP CHECK SAFETY CABLE Safety cable assembly, hose to hose !! o For 1/2" to 1-1/4" hose !! o Reduces the possibility of injuries caused by broken air hose connections !! o Resistant to rust and corrosion !! o Easy to install and remove, no tools necessary PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 20018754 HOSE TO HOSE $7.89 20018755 HOSE TO TOOL $8.99 WHIPHOSE ASSEMBLY Adjustable oil flow setting prolongs the life of the tool and provides efficient lubrication for tools !! o For use with rivet busters and chipping hammers Includes: Universal fitting, 1L oiler, 1/2" x 6' hose, 1/2" NPT swivel PRODUCT NO. PRICE 20016891 $103.89 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 250

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