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DEMOLITION HAMMER KITS 27 LB AVT DEMOLITION HAMMER With Anti-Vibration Technology for reduced vibration !! o Powerful 14.0 AMP motor to handle the most demanding applications !! o Constant speed control automatically applies additional power to the motor to maintain speed !! o Variable speed control dial matches speed to application !! o Soft start for precision and accuracy Includes: Side handle, bull point (751423-A), grease, tool case w/wheels PRODUCT NO. PRICE 140HM1214C $1,104.99 t start for precision and accuracy s: Side handle, bull point (751423-A), , tool case w/wheels UCT NO. PR 1214C $1,104 40 LB. 1-1/8" HEX DEMO HAMMER 10.8 amps, 31 ft-lbs impact energy, 1,400 bpm !! o Full-load noise level of only 104 dB !! o Full-load vibration level of only 19.9 m/s2 !! o Overall length: 32" !! o Sealed lubrication prevents grease leaks Includes: Plastic case w/wheels, 6mm hex bar wrench, 3mm hex bar wrench, (1) slide handle hex PRODUCT NO. PRICE 281H65SD2 $949.99 35 LB. 1-1/8" HEX DEMO HAMMER 14 amps, 730-1,450 bpm !! o Constant speed control automatically powers motor to maintain consistent speed under load !! o SoftStart suppresses start-up reaction !! o L.E.D. Service Light notifies the user approximately 8 hours before the brushes need to be replaced !! o Variable Speed control dial enables user to match speed with application !! o No hammering while idling increases tool life Includes: Bull Point (D-21353), tool case with wheels hex PRODUCT NO. PRICE 140HM1307CB $1,019.99 th application mering while idling increases l Point (D-21353), th wheels O PRICE 35 LB. 1-1/8" HEX "JACK" BREAKER HAMMER 15 amps, 34 ft-lbs impact energy, 1,300 bpm !! o Can be used both horizontally and vertically !! o "Active Vibration Reduction" handle !! o Two-handed design dissipates more vibration for less stress !! o Self-sharpening star point hex chisel - also handles standard 1-1/8" hex steel and air steel points Includes: New self sharpening star-pointed chisel, side handle, case with wheels PRODUCT NO. PRICE 16211335K $1,199.99 hex 40 LB. 1-1/8" DEMO HAMMER 15 amps, 30 ft-lbs impact energy, 1,460 bpm !! o SHOCKS - Active Vibration Control !! o Rubber coated handles !! o Soft start for easy chisel placement Includes: Wheeled kit box, users guide, bull point chisel PRODUCT NO. PRICE 324D25960K $1,159.99 hex 42 LB. AVT BREAKER HAMMER 14 amps, 25.7 ft. lbs. impact energy, 730 - 1,450 bpm !! o AVT is an exclusive counter balance system to reduce vibration !! o Variable speed control dial enables user to match the speed to the application for greater versatility !! o L.E.D. power light indicates switch failure or cord damage !! o Rubberized ergonomic soft grip provides more comfort !! o Side handle swivels 360 for greater control !! o L.E.D. service light alerts user 8 hours before brush replacement Includes: (1) 20-1/2" bull point, 1-1/8" hex, (1) tool case w/Wheels PRODUCT NO. PRICE 140HM1317CB $1,249.99 le swivels 360 for greater control vice light alerts user 8 hours ush replacement 0-1/2" bull point, 1-1/8" hex, w/Wheels hex WhiteCap.com 245 VISIT US ONLINE .99 140HM13

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