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221 Signs 17" ROUND SLIP- GARD FLOOR SIGNS Adhesive vinyl overlaminated by a pebble-textured layer !! o Adheres to smooth, clean, dry surface !! o Graphics are protected by sub-surface printing !! o Back is a strong acrylic adhesive that comes with a peel-off liner !! o 20-mil thick dual layer construction PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 333MFS700 ARROW $24.99 333MFS0317 CAUTION FORKLIFT TRAFFIC $24.99 333MFS778 CTN KP AREA FRONT ELECT PN $24.99 333MFS1717 EXIT ON ARROW $24.99 333MFS721 FIRE EXTINGUISHER $24.99 333MFS210 HARD HAT SAFETY GLASSES $24.99 333MFS716 FLR SGN, KP AISLES CLR $24.99 333MFS734 KEEP AREA CLEAR $24.99 333MFS729 KEEP CLEAR ELECTRICAL PANE $24.99 333MFS725 FLOOR SIGN - PED TRAF ONLY $24.99 333MFS2617 FLR SIGN SAFETY GLASSES REQ $24.99 333MFS208 FLR SGN, SFTY GLASSES REQD $24.99 333MFS205 SAFETY SHOES REQUIRED $24.99 333MFS1617 SAFETY SHOWER $24.99 333MFS705 STOP SND HORN PROCD SLOWLY $24.99 333MFS2217 STOP $24.99 333MFS790 FLR SGN, TRASH CAN $24.99 333MFS2817 WARNING FORK LIFT TRAFFIC $24.99 333MFS1017 HEARING PROTECTION REQUIRED $24.99 6" X 24" SKID-GARD FLOOR SIGN Constructed of 20-mil clear grit surface over image and message !! o Durable, non-slip, rough surface to maintain safe stepping on wet or greasy floors !! o Provides good grip, wear resistance, weatherability, and water resistance !! o For both indoor and outdoor environments !! o With high-tack acrylic adhesive back and peel-off liner !! o Peel off liner and adhere to clean, smooth, dry surface PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 333PSD107 DO NOT ENTER $18.99 333PSD101 RED WHITE STRPES $18.99 333PSD603 BLACK YELLOW STRIPES $18.99 333PSD637 BLACK YELLOW KEEP CLEAR $18.99 333PSD631 RESTRICTED AREA $18.99 333PSD620 USE HANDRAIL $18.99 333PSD650 WATCH FR FORKLIFTS $18.99 333PSD622 WATCH YOUR STEP $18.99 6" X 24" SLIP- GARD STEP-STYLE FLOOR SIGN Sub-surface printed and overlaminated by a non-slip vinyl protective layer !! o Constructed of 10-mil dual layer vinyl !! o Non-slip surface is pebble- textured for added durability !! o Permanent acrylic adhesive back with peel-off liner !! o Adheres firmly to smooth, clean, dry surface PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 333PSR246 CAUTION STEP DOWN $16.99 333PSR248 CAUTION STEP UP $16.99 333PSR264 CAUTION WATCH FOR FORK $16.99 333PSR266 CAUTION WATCH YOUR STEP $16.99 333PSR271 FIRE EXIT KEEP CLEAR $16.99 333PSR273 FIRE EXTINGUISHER DO NOT BLOCK $16.99 333PSR274 CAUTION SAFETY GLASSES REQUIRED $16.99 333PSR277 ELECTRICAL PANEL KEEP CLEAR $16.99 SM Terry Bynes Inside Sales Savannah, GA What are some of our featured services that most customers don't know about? Some customers may not know about our delivery to most locations and our free on-site training and product demos. How does our customer service set us apart from the competition? Seeing my customer get the okay from the GC on a project, based on my repair or placement recommendations, brings joy to my heart and the comfort of knowing that they trust me, my advice and my HD Supply White Cap family. Tell us about a time when teamwork with other Associates helped your customer. My 30 years of experience has taught me that any successful project is built on a foundation of teamwork. I remember our Warehouse Manager (at the end of the work day) driving two hours north to pick up a truck load shipment for my customer. He then turned around and delivered it 58 miles south near midnight to make sure it would be on site for a pour that was scheduled at 4:00 the next morning. And he did all this after our competitor failed to supply product for him just hours earlier. Our Associates don't just sell stuff. They're all part of an experienced team that gives you the service you expect. Here's Terry Bynes from our Savannah, Georgia location to share his thoughts about our services. WhiteCap.com 221 VISIT US ONLINE

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