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220 SM Posters 3.5" X 5" SAFETY ADHESIVE VINYL LABELS Flexible 4-mil thick printed matte surface !! o Square corners and scored backing for quick peel-off and application !! o Moisture-resistant !! o For indoor or sheltered environments !! o 5 per pack PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 333LBHZ506VSP BIOHAZARD (W/GRAPHIC) $10.39 333LCHL293VSP DANGER HOT $10.39 333LCHL675VSP CAUTION HOT $10.39 333LCSP280VSP DANGER CONFINED SPACE ENTER BY PERMIT ONLY $10.39 333LELC002VSP DANGER AREA IN FRONT OF THIS ELECTRICAL PANEL MUST BE KEPT CLEAR FOR 36 INCHES OSHA-NEC REGULATIONS $10.39 333LELC164VSP DANGER 480 VOLTS $10.39 333LELC248VSP DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE $10.39 333LELC795VSP DANGER ELECTRICAL HAZARD $10.39 333LEQM269VSP DANGER THIS EQUIPMENT STARTS AND STOPS AUTOMATICALLY $10.39 333LEQM273VSP DANGER PINCH POINT $10.39 333LEQM279VSP DANGER KEEP HANDS CLEAR $10.39 333LEQM780VSP CAUTION KEEP HANDS CLEAR $10.39 333LEQM782VSP CAUTION THIS EQUIPMENT STARTS AND STOPS AUTOMATICALLY $10.39 333LFSD509VSP FIRST AID KIT INSIDE (W/GRAPHIC) $10.39 333LFXG440VSP FIRE EXTINGUISHER INSIDE $10.39 333LLKT286VSP DANGER LOCK OUT FOR SAFETY $10.39 SAFETY POSTERS Constructed of durable, laminated, flexible plastic !! o Printed with color and graphic images !! o Helps convey commitment to safety and quality as a priority in the jobsite !! o Protective laminate on both sides to withstand industrial- type environments PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE 333PST108 MAKE SAFETY A TEAM GOAL 18"X24" $29.99 333PST113 BE A LEADER...FOLLOW SAFETY RULES 18"X24" $29.99 333PST211 SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR ACCIDENT PREVENTION 18"X24" $29.99 333PST722 EYE PROTECTION/SAFETY GLASSES 18"X24" $29.99 333PST601 LOCKOUT/TAGOUT 18"X24" $29.99 333PST728 HEAT STRESS 18"X24" $29.99 333PST754 FORKLIFT SAFETY 18"X24" $29.99 333PST823 HOUSEKEEPING TIPS 18"X24" $29.99 333PST101 PRIDE SAFETY (W/EAGLE GRAPHIC) 24"X18" $29.99 333PST104 SAFETY IS THE PRIORITY QUALITY IS THE STANDARD 24"X18" $29.99 333PST133 GO HOME SAFE TODAY OTHERS ARE DEPENDING ON YOU 24"X18" $29.99 333PST137 GO HOME SAFE TODAY 24"X18" $29.99 333PST220 OUR SAFETY MISSION 24"X18" $29.99 333PST324 WELDING SAFETY IN THE WORKPLACE 24"X18" $29.99 333PST420 HAND HYGIENE/HIGENICO MANUAL (SPANISH/ENGLISH) 24"X18" $29.99 28" X 8' MOTIVATIONAL SAFETY BANNER For motivating employees, and reinforcing important safety and quality campaigns !! o Double-stitched hems and metal grommets !! o Printed on durable 10-oz reinforced flexible poly sheet !! o Four 2' ropes included !! o Metal grommets surround the banner for mounting and hanging !! o For indoors/outdoors use PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 333MBR802 ATTENTION: YOU ARE NOW ENTERING A SAFETY ZONE $93.99 333MBR817 AIM FOR ZERO ACCIDENTS (W/DARTBOARD) $93.99 333MBR819 SAFETY PROTECTS PEOPLE QUALITY PROTECTS JOBS $93.99 333MBR832 GO HOME SAFE TODAY! OTHERS ARE DEPENDING ON YOU $90.99 333MBR833 SAFETY COMES FIRST ARRIVE SAFE WORK $90.99 333MBR846 SAFETY STARTS WITH YOU! $90.99 333MBR866 SAFETY IS THE PRIORITY QUALITY IS THE STANDARD $90.99 333MBR870 TEAMWORK IMPROVES SAFETY $90.99 333MBR880 PRIDE IN SAFETY PRIDE IN YOUR WORK $90.99 333MBR882 PRIDE IN SAFETY $93.99 WRITE-A-DAY SCOREBOARDS For tracking and displaying safe days record !! o Durable 0.125" thick plastic !! o Corner mounting holes !! o Write-in with dry-erase marker; wipe-off !! o Can withstand impacts, corrosive chemicals, and other environmental conditions PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE PRICE 333MSR135PL SAFETY FRST WRITE SCOREBOARD 20"X14" $38.99 333MSR132PL SETTI SCOREBOARD WRITE-A-DAY 20"X14" $38.99 333MSR120PL DEPT SCOREBOARD WRITE-A-DAY 20"X14" $38.99 333MSR123PL PLANT OSHA WRITE SCOREBOARD 20"X14" $38.99 333MSR241PL DEPT SCOREBOARD WRITE-A-DAY 28"X20" $51.99 333MSR247PL PLANT OSHA WRITE SCOREBOARD 28"X20" $51.99 333MSR234PL SET STD SCOREBOARD WRITE-A-DAY 28"X20" $51.99 333MSR260PL SAFETY FRST WRITE SCOREBOARD 28"X20" $51.99 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 220

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