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219 safety signs labor law posters GHS COMPLIANCE IN A BOX Assists with meeting OSHA's Right-to-know HAZCOM 2012 and 29 CFR 1900.1200 Includes: GHS labels and pictograms poster, how to read a safety data sheet poster, GHS wallet cards in English and Spanish, safety data sheet station PRODUCT NO. PRICE 121GHSBOXWC $116.99 GHS LABEL REQUIREMENTS AND PICTOGRAMS !! o Provides clear and concise information in accordance with OSHA guidelines and specifications !! o Displaying can help prevent accidents and hefty fines !! o GHS labels are to be used in all chemical labeling !! o Used to identify hazards associated with a particular chemical 3" SDS YELLOW BINDER SDS (Safety Data Sheet) binders meet OSHA GHS standards !! o Enables easy access to important SDS chemical sheets !! o Meet OSHA's Right-to-Know requirements PRODUCT NO. PRICE 121SDS3WC $40.99 10" X 14" PLASTIC SAFETY SIGNS Semi-flexible polyethylene, for indoor or short-term outdoor applications !! o Rounded corners and 3/16" mounting holes !! o Complies with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.145 and ANSI Z535 requirements !! o 0.055" thick, impact resistant with non-glare finish !! o Made of 50% recycled plastic and is recyclable !! o Service temperature range: -90F to 168F !! o Durability: 2 years outdoors PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 333MFXG908VP FIRE EXTINGUISHER $12.99 333MCRT135VP DANGER, CONSTRUCTION AREA $12.99 333MADM003VP DANGER. CONSTRUCTION SITE AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL $12.99 333MADM014VP DANGER. CONSTRUCTION AREA KEEP OUT $12.99 333MVHR515VP NO PARKING $12.99 333MPPA801VP NOTICE, SAFETY GLASSES REQUIRED IN THIS AREA $12.99 333MELC114VP DANGER, HIGH VOLTAGE $12.99 333MPPA005VP DANGER, HARD HAT AREA $12.99 333MSMK133VP DANGER, NO SMOKING $12.99 333MPPA608VP CAUTION, EAR AND EYE PROTECTION REQUIRED $12.99 NEW! CALIFORNIA CONSTRUCTION LABOR LAW POSTER KIT 3-poster set !! o English and Spanish versions Includes: California state labor law poster, federal labor law poster, IWC number 16 (Industrial Welfare Commission) poster PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 104CADPWC ENGLISH POSTERS $57.99 104CADPWCS SPANISH POSTERS $57.99 PRODUCT NO. TYPE PRICE 121GHSCARDS ENGLISH $20.29 121GHSCARDSS SPANISH $20.29 WhiteCap.com 219 VISIT US ONLINE 6.99 121GHSCA

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