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217 YOUR CHOICE OF ACCUFORM SAFETY SIGNS Available at HD Supply White Cap WhiteCap.com 800.944.8322 Digi-Day 2 Electronic Safety Scoreboards Count safe work days in two colors with Digi-Day 2 scoreboard. Innovative, durable, frameless construction with 2" deep visual edge for visual impact Count days without an accident in green, and if a lost time accident occurs, set the display back to red until you meet your new safe-days goal Display can be set to count days or flash between days, date and clock Track the 7-day week, or set the display to track only your company's work days Display count can be set to freeze or hold In a power failure, all information is stored* Tamper-proof display easily sets with handheld remote control * Indicators notify when a hold or power failure has occurred Size Price 28" x 20" x 2" Automatically count safe work days with 2 color LED display - red and green. 333SCG156 333SCG103 333SCG113 333SCG164 333SCG117* 333SCG111 333SCG160 333SCG107 333SCG115 *Scoreboard includes: one electronic display to count safe days; and one set of magnetic changeable numbers to track record number of days Specifications: For indoor use 28" x 20" x 2" aluminum construction Built-in hidden rear mounting brackets Four-digit, bright LED display with 2 1/2"H numbers Operates on 110 VAC with 6-ft. power cord WhiteCap.com 217 VISIT US ONLINE

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