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182 SM first aid heat stress CPROTECTOR BARRIER Provides a safe barrier during CPR !! o One-way, free-floating valve allows for maximum air flow but also prevents fluids and air from entering the mouth of the rescuer !! o Meets all requirements of ASTM F920-93 (American Society for Testing and Materials) !! o Patented "Free Floating" valve allows better air-flow to the victim !! o Cross-section on bottom of stem prevents tongue blockage !! o Large, soft, clear, high-density polypropylene face shield, remains soft and flexible !! o All parts are ultrasonic welded !! o Compatible with most CPR training mannequins !! o Single-use, disposable CPR mask PRODUCT NO. PRICE 121270026 $5.29 TM F920 93 and Materials) e ctim ge y d ask FIRST AID WOVEN STRIP ADHESIVES Designed with an aggressive adhesive to adhere securely and protect the wound !! o The "island dressing" provides a secure seal around the wound to help prevent contamination 5" X 6" INSTANT COLD PACK Convenient Instant Cold Packs activate immediately !! o Provides temporary icy relief from minor swelling, sprains and strains PRODUCT NO. PRICE 12135185MK $2.12 HEAT STRESS JOBSITE SAFETY KIT Does your jobsite comply with heat stress prevention regulations? !! o OSHA and Cal/OSHA will be enforcing heat stress prevention this summer !! o Assists with OSHA's requirement Includes: Heat stress first aid posters (English and Spanish), heat stress prevention posters (English and Spanish), heat stress responder kit HEAT STRESS COMPLIANCE TRAINING IN A BOX All printed materials come in Spanish and English !! o Protect employees from the dangers of heat stress !! o Complies with regulatory standards for prevention of heat stress !! o Assist in meeting OSHA reg 3154 and CALOSHA 3395 Includes: 18PR - California heat stress responder, heat stress construction poster, heat stress poster, heat stress training guide, heat stress hand outs, heat stress checklist PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 121K612092 HEAT STRESS COMPLIANCE TRAINING IN A BOX - KIT $293.99 444BR12536 18PR - HEAT STRESS RESPONDER - POLY RED $34.99 121R512011 ENGLISH-HEAT STRESS CONSTRUCTION POSTER $43.49 121R512012 SPANISH - HEAT STRESS CONSTRUCTION POSTER $39.49 121R512013 ENGLISH - HEAT STRESS POSTER $39.99 121R512014 SPANISH - HEAT STRESS POSTER $39.49 121R512031 ENGLISH - HEAT STRESS TRAINERS GUIDE $17.99 121R512033 ENGLISH - HEAT STRESS HAND OUTS $52.99 121R512034 SPANISH - HEAT STRESS HAND OUTS $52.99 121R512035 HEAT STRESS DVD $57.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 121012315 1" X 3" WOVEN BANDAGE STRIP 50/BX $4.19 121220205 100PK 1" X 3" WOVEN BANDAGE $6.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 121HTJOBKIT HEAT STRESS JOB SAFETY KIT IN A BOX $79.99 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 182

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