Full Line Catalog Page 179 Safety Equipment And Supplies

179 WhiteCap.com Download the App! WhiteCap.com is now MOBILE! K615-011 444BR12636 16 Class A Poly K615-015 444BR12637 18 Class A Metal K615-017 444BR12638 36 Class B Poly K615-019 444BR12639 36 Class B Metal K615-018 444BR12645 2 Shelf Class B Cabinet K615-025 444BR12644 3 Shelf Class B Cabinet K615-029 444BR12646 4 Shelf Class B Cabinet K615-007 121K615007 Supplemental First Aid Kit Class A designed for Common Workplace Injuries Class B designed for High Risk Work Zones Class A & Class B Promote Workplace Compliance Class B Cabinets Include Bloodborne Pathogen Kit CFR 1910.1030(d)(3) (56 FR 64175) Easy to Maintain, Easy

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