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175 Sorbents spill kits The Environmental Protection Agency requires that hazardous waste be handled with special precautions and be disposed of in designated facilities. DISASTER PREPAREDNESS - WASHDOWN STATIONS, DECON DECKS SPILL KIT REQUIREMENTS HAZARDOUS MATERIALS !! o TACTICAL MODEL: Replaces conventional containment pools - contaminated water is captured in deck sump and attached 55-gallon bladder. Deck and bladder capacity is 99 gallons. !! o HOSPITAL MODEL: Privacy shelter quickly attaches to Decon Deck. Supply hose and shower unit provided (warm water supply required). Dual bladders and deck combine to contain 15 gallons of liquid. !! o NON-AMBULATORY MODEL: Elevated deck allows contaminants to be separated from workers. Includes hose and spray wand. Deck and bladder contain 88 gallons. !! o AIR CIRCULATION: The use of fans is strongly encouraged in areas with low air movement. Chemical and infectious waste spill kits must be kept in all areas where waste is generated Chemical Spill Kit Absorbent material (solvent spills) Neutralizers: Acid spills (Sodium Carbonate) Mercury spill cleanup kit Safety Goggles Gloves Lab Coat and Tyvek Suit Respirator (medical evaluation and fit testing/training required prior to wearing a respirator) Infectious Spill Kit (Minimum Requirements) Absorbent material Disinfectant (bleach) Latex gloves Biohazard bag(s) Boundary tape First Aid kit Washdown stations are available in a range of configurations, ask your White Cap sales person for assistance. GRANULAR REFORM INDUSTRIAL ABSORBENT 100% Recycled !! o Absorbs more, costs less, is virtually dust free !! o Contains no health hazards !! o Leaves no stains !! o Cleans up quickly PRODUCT NO. PRICE 217GRANULAR $7.09 SPC SPILL KITS All-purpose, UN approved !! o Universal packs Includes: Pads, SOCs, pillows, nitrile gloves, disposal bags, goggles and an emergency response handbook HIGH VISIBILITY SAFETY PAD Specially developed chemical sorbent !! o Combines safety signage and absorbency into one !! o Color-coded yellow for safety and easy separation of hazardous waste !! o Product will not react with aggressive fluids !! o For use with any industry utilizing aggressive fluids 8' X 10' SORBENT BOOM ENV810 Oil only sorbent !! o The economical ENV boom features interconnectivity and a lint-free blue sleeve with a 5-inch diameter !! o Easy to handle for use with oil and petroleum based fluids !! o Applications outfalls and discharge ponds !! o Absorbency: 65 gal/bale !! o 4 per bale nnect tivi iv ty y meter PRODUCT NO. PRICE 217ENV810 $121.99 NEW! nt PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 217SKA20 20 GAL. KIT ABSORBS UP TO 15 GALLONS PER KIT $212.99 217SKA30 30 GAL. KIT ABSORBS UP TO 36 GALLONS PER KIT $243.99 217SKA55 55 GAL. KIT ABSORBS UP TO 39 GALLONS PER KIT $425.99 217SKA65 65 GAL. KIT ABSORBS UP TO 63 GALLONS PER KIT $491.99 217SKA95 95 GAL. KIT ABSORBS UP TO 79 GALLONS PER KIT $811.99 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION SIZE TYPE QUANTITY PRICE 217CH100 ABSORBENT PAD 15" X 19" HEAVY WT. 100/CASE $70.99 217CH200 ABSORBENT PAD 15" X 19" LIGHT WT. 200/CASE $100.99 217CH15P ABSORBENT ROLL, PERF. 15" X 150' MEDIUM WT. 1 ROLL/CASE $90.99 217CH30DP ABSORBENT ROLL, PERF. 30" X 150' HEAVY WT. 1 ROLL/CASE $151.99 WhiteCap.com 175 VISIT US ONLINE

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