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167 Fire Extinguishers Accessories FIRE EXTINGUISHERS ABC dry chemical type !! o Aluminum handle !! o Mounting bracket included !! o Body is designed for standard commercial applications PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 330205417 2-1/2 LBS. $40.99 330205500 5 LBS. $50.79 330205456 10 LBS. $81.19 33020MB3H 20 LBS. $131.99 SMOKERS CEASE-FIRE CIGARETTE BUTT RECEPTACLES The safe and attractive answer to cigarette butt disposal to keep your property clean !! o Self-extinguishing design safely collects unsightly cigarette butts and reduces the risk of fire !! o Made of flame-retardant, sturdy polyethylene !! o Unique rain bonnet opening keeps rain out and discourages other trash !! o FM Global fire tested and approved! !! o 4 gallons PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 10426800B ADOBE BEIGE $65.99 10426800T TERRACOTTA $65.99 10426800D DECO BLACK $65.99 10426800G FOREST GREEN $65.99 10426800 PEWTER GRAY $65.99 PORTABLE FIRE EXTINGUISHER STAND WITH CABINET Meets OSHA requirements !! o Reduces vandalism and theft !! o Heavy-duty stand !! o Portable / stackable !! o Heavy-duty cabinet !! o Cylinder lock FIRE EXTINGUISHER BRACKET 5 lb. strap !! o Corrosion-resistant stainless steel straps securely hold extinguisher in place !! o Finger tabs allow for quick access !! o Dry chemical and halotron !! o Construction powder coated steel !! o Resistant to corrosion !! o For use with 3GRW6, 3GRX5, 3GRZ4 extinguishers PRODUCT NO. PRICE 300700270 $12.99 HAND-HELD AIR HORN AND REFILL 8-ounce can !! o Ozone safe !! o Non-flammable PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 104MH1 HORN & CAN $18.99 104MAP1 REFILL CAN $13.19 PRODUCT NO. SIZE PRICE 3301000SB 10 LBS. $113.99 3302000SB 20 LBS. $153.99 SIZE WhiteCap.com 167 VISIT US ONLINE .99 104MAP1

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