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161 tool tethering SMALL PARTS POUCH High-quality duct canvas !! o Innovative self-closure system that traps objects inside, the pouch makes it nearly impossible for objects to fall out once placed in the bag !! o Easy to retrieve objects since no opening or closing is necessary !! o Compatible with most tool belts !! o Drainage vent TOOL POUCHES Constructed from a heavy-duty canvas with an inner lining to help prevent punctures !! o Multiple inner pockets accommodate a number of tools while built in D-ring make tethering tools incredibly easy !! o Available in standard and extra deep variations !! o The standard sized pouch uses a hook and loop closure system that can be locked open during use !! o The extra-deep tool pouch features a magnetic closure system as well as a side-release buckle STANDARD SAFE BUCKET MODELS Capacity 1,840 cubic inches !! o Each bucket is also equipped with a high-quality and lightweight aluminum twist-lock carabiner !! o Height 15" !! o Diameter 12.5" NEW! INSPECTION POUCH Designed for the safe transport and use of most multimeters, air monitors and other portable testing devices !! o A unique, patent pending adjustable opening can be used to create a hands-free work station off the hip or chest !! o Can be worn off a belt, or over the shoulder using the included shoulder strap PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2301500131 $57.99 HARD BODY SAFE BUCKET INSERT Converts safe buckets into hard body safe buckets in minutes !! o Flexible, hard-body shell for form fitting to the inside of the safe bucket bag !! o Ripstop pockets double stitched on the hard body for storing tools inside the bucket !! o Hook and loop material on ends for adjusting the fit inside the bucket !! o 4 built-in inner pockets PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2301500141 $30.99 NEW! PYTHON UTILITY POUCH Heavy-duty duct canvas material !! o Features two outside pockets for storing spud wrenches, and two inner pockets for storing additional tools !! o Tools can be tethered to D-rings on the inside and outside of the pouch !! o Adjustable side-release closure system helps prevent objects from falling out when the pouch isn't being used PRODUCT NO. COLOR PRICE 2301500119 CANVAS BLACK $70.99 2301500120 CANVAS CAMO (TAN/BLACK) $70.99 2301500121 CANVAS ORANGE $70.99 2301500122 VINYL YELLOW $70.99 2301500123 EXTRA-DEEP - CANVAS BLACK $70.99 PRODUCT NO. BODY MATERIAL CLOSURE SYSTEM LOAD RATING PRICE 2301500133 CANVAS DRAWSTRING 100 LBS $116.99 2301500134 CANVAS HOOK AND LOOP 100 LBS $116.99 2301500135 CANVAS HOOK AND LOOP 100 LBS-5 GL $152.99 2301500136 CANVAS HOOK AND LOOP 100 LBS-4 FT $162.99 2301500137 CANVAS HOOK AND LOOP 100 LBS-6 FT $183.59 2301500138 CANVAS HOOK AND LOOP 100 LBS-10 FT $223.99 2301500139 VINYL DRAWSTRING 250 LBS $116.99 2301500140 VINYL HOOK AND LOOP 250 LBS $116.99 PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2301500132 $47.99 PRODUCT NO. WIDTH HEIGHT RETRACTORS/TRIGGERS PRICE 2301500124 7.5" 11" $70.99 2301500125 7.5" 11" 2 RETRACTORS $86.99 2301500126 .5" 11" 2 TRIGGERS $75.99 2301500127 8.75" 13" $75.99 2301500128 8.75" 13" 2 RETRACTORS $91.99 2301500129 8.75" 13" 2 TRIGGERS $81.99 WhiteCap.com 161 VISIT US ONLINE 2301500 7.99

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