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www.ergodyne.com 800 225 8238 KNOW THE 3 TS OF OBJECTS AT HEIGHTS SAFETY SOLUTIONS PREVENTS OBJECTS FROM FALLING BY SECURING THEM TO A WORKER OR OTHER ANCHOR POINT. COVER BUCKETS, POUCHES AND OTHER CONTAINERS WHILE AT HEIGHT TO AVOID SPILLING THEIR CONTENTS IF TIPPED OR INVERTED. TETHERED TOPPED IDENTIFY OR CREATE CONNECTION POINTS ON TOOLS THAT DO NOT HAVE ONE BUILT INTO THEIR ANATOMY. *THE FOURTH T: LOOK FOR A CERTIFIED WEIGHT RATING FROM THE MANUFACTURER STAMPED ON THE LABEL OF PRODUCT ITSELF TRAPPED // OBJECTS AT HEIGHTS PRODUCT SOLUTIONS // OBJECTS AT HEIGHTS SAFETY With the exception of Chuck Norris, hurricanes and halitosis, there's little more dangerous than a plummeting object. Regardless of shape or size; power or manual; bucket or bag; your gear needs to be where the job is at - whether that's on our beloved terra firma or 90 flights closer to the spirit in the sky. In the past, aerial tool and equipment hazard-planning has been an afterthought - or not even a thought. Today, regulators and professionals acknowledge the serious, life-threatening risks of falling objects and are, therefore, instilling rules to ensure proper dropped object protection precautions are followed in the workplace. Safety of tools and equipment at heights involves the organization and securing of these objects, whether in use or not. Hard hats and steel toes help reduce the damage but in the hierarchy of controls one wants to eliminate the hazard all together if it's a possibility. For objects at heights, Ergodyne is your go to source for up-to-date information, training and solutions to keep workers safe and productive on the job. DROPS OF KNOWLEDGE In 2012, there were 241 fatalities in the U.S. from falling objects (5% of all workplace fatalities). (bls.gov) Dropped objects can cause injuries/ fatalities, damage to equipment and structures as well as a loss in productivity. In the oil and gas industry dropped objects are among the top 3 causes of fatality. (dropsonline.org) Use the Hierarchy of Controls to protect against dropped objects by implementing Engineering Solutions (e.g. tool tethers) in addition to PPE Solutions (e.g. hard hats).

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