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148 SM lifelines rescue systems CONFINED SPACE SYSTEM Everything you need in one handy kit !! o System includes a 7' Advanced tripod and Salalift II winch !! o Complete with quick mount bracket for Salalift II winch attachment !! o Anodized aluminum side plates, zinc plated gears and shafts, stainless steel springs and aluminum drum for superior corrosion resistance PRO CONFINED SPACE WINCH With 110' of stainless steel cable !! o Man-rated at 310 lbs., 4:1 ratio at 20 fpm !! o Attaches to rescue tripod with 2 locking safety pins !! o Detachable adjustable square handle !! o Oil impregnated bearings !! o Manual safety lock incorporated !! o Corrosion-resistant finish !! o Four disc brakes !! o Meets OSHA 1926 and ANSI Z359.1-1998 standards for confined-space entry devices PRODUCT NO. PRICE 230AK210AS $1,300.49 20 fpm ocking safety pins ndle PRICE VERTICAL LIFELINE 5/8" dia., nylon rope lifeline !! o Tensile strength more than 5,600 lbs. !! o Zinc plated stamped steel hook !! o Net weight 5.6 lbs. !! o Meets or exceeds OSHA 1926 and ANSI Z359.1-1998 performance criteria !! o 50' length PRODUCT NO. PRICE 230AC215A $117.99 nd e criteria COBRA ROPE GRAB Compliance with OSHA 1926 and ANSI Z359 !! o Constructed of high impact resistant steel !! o Operates in automatic or manual mode !! o Accommodates 5/8" nylon rope !! o Can be used on approved vertical rope systems !! o Can be removed and attached anywhere along lifeline PRODUCT NO. PRICE 230AC202D $106.99 s 9 ROLLGLISS R250 RESCUE KIT 66' remote rescue kit !! o Designed for the rescue of a worker left suspended at height after a fall !! o Easy to operate-no special tools necessary !! o Allows anyone to be a rescuer !! o Allows a rescue be performed from above the victim !! o Attach pole to victim to raise and lower as needed !! o Easily transported in backpack-style bag PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2308900293 $1,723.79 ROLLGLISS RESCUE LADDER Designed to provide a means of assisted rescue after a fall has occurred !! o Staggered steps make climbing fast and easy !! o Rigid, reinforced ladder rungs eliminate stress on the knees and feet !! o Synthetic and lightweight for fast and easy transportation and storage !! o Extra sections can be added to lengthen for specific site requirements !! o 310 lb.capacity !! o 8' (2.4mm) length Includes: Three Saflok anchoring carabiners, bag PRODUCT NO. PRICE 2308516294 $218.49 PRODUCT NO. DESCRIPTION PRICE 2308300030 W/ 1/4" X 60' GALV. CABLE $3,485.39 2308300032 W/ 3/16" X 90' GALV. CABLE $3,464.99 2308300034 W/ 3/16" X 120' GALV. CABLE $3,518.99 2308300000 TRIPOD ONLY $1,300.49 800.944.8322 The MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PROS in construction supplies 148

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